Liberia: Bong County Man, 41, ‘Admits’ Murdering Wife of Nine Children in Jealous Rage


Bong County — A 41-year-old man Thursday admitted during police preliminary investigation murdering his wife with a cutlass in a fit of jealousy.

The killing took place on March 31 in Mano Wainsue, Jorquelleh District Two, the accused’s town, where he and wife have been residing for the past 15 years, family sources told police.

Dolo Kollie was arrested Wednesday, April 7 after he killed his wife of nine children, Hawa Yarkpawolo, 43.
Police said Dolo had a big argument with his wife on the night of her death. He accused her of having an affair with another man in the nearby town.

During the argument, he beat his wife, who then decided to divorce him. “The accused was angry at his wife for divorcing him,” police said. “He then killed her by chopping her neck five times with a cutlass.”
After killing her, he fled the scene. The victim’s body was found the same day by her younger sister when she went to ask for her. The sister reported the discovery to the town chief who later informed the police.

Dolo was arrested one week after in Botota, Kokoyah Statutory District after police launched a manhunt operations.

He then told police he killed his wife because she betrayed him.

Murder cases linked to love affairs

Sordid details and betrayals appear to be the twin dominant factors behind murder cases and attempts to murder in Bong County, crime statistics with police in the county show.

According to the police data accessed by FrontPageAfrica Thursday, illicit relationships account for 60 percent of the 16 cases of murder in the county since October 2019.

The figure is five percent higher than the premeditated homicide cases the previous years.
“The victims in most cases were done away with brutality” a senior police, who is an expert in homicide cases told FrontPageAfrica, requesting abnonmity.
“In almost all the cases the accused is found to be a first-timer, and a sense of betrayal or feeling for revenge precedes the act,” the officer said.

The data reveals that a murder case takes place in Bong County where reasons to be the suspect is learning about an illicit relationship of his or her partner, finding one’s partner in a compromising position with another person, and the argument over sexual problem or incompatibility.