Liberia: Baptist Prelate Wants Pres. Weah Whole Cabinet Replaced; Says They’re “Losing the Game”


Monrovia – Renowned Liberian clergyman, Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves, has urged President George Manneh Weah to dismiss his entire cabinet and form a ‘new team’ that will work in the interest of the nation and people.

Rev. Reeves is the Senior Pastor of the historic Providence Baptist Church in Liberia. 

This church considered as the “cornerstone” of the nation” as a lot of important national decisions, including the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1847, were done in its premises.

Delivering his regular sermon on Sunday, December 1, at the church in Monrovia, the Baptist Prelate claimed that the ‘team’ presently spearheading the governance of Liberia is “losing the game”.

He spoke on the theme: “If You Remain Silent,” with text taken from the Bible book of Esther 4:12-16.

Rev. Reeves added that President Weah must form a “brand new team” that would help to improve the country.

“The President is my friend and whenever I talk to him, I talk in football language – saying you been the World, European and African best – you know that every time you went to the field, you put a team on the field; if that team doesn’t win a game, you substituted those players; it didn’t matter who they are or which country they came from, you put a new team on the field so that they can win the game,” he noted.

“The team, Mr. President you put on, is losing the game. From the Minister of Finance to the Minister of State to everybody in this government, the team is losing the game. It’s time to put a brand new team on the field so that Liberia can win the game with better Ministers of Finance, and Commerce and people who can fix our country. 

“There have been too many goals against the team. It’s time for good members of the team to get on the field and win the game for Liberia and God’s people. Fire the entire government and put a brand new team on the field to win the game for Liberia.”

Rev. Reeves, who claims to be a friend of the President vowed to his ‘friend’, “If you will remain silent, I will not remain silent.” 

He said the persistent silence of those in the public sector is on the increase and the ‘mess’ created already in the country, won’t not guarantee their safety.

The Christian clergyman attributed the hardship and high level of corruption in Liberia to the failure of ordinary citizens and those much closer to the President from speak out.

“When things are going on everybody remains silent; nobody wants to talk about the mess or say the true. Everybody is telling the President that he gets a brand new clothes on, and when he’s naked and walking around and we are laughing at him; we say, ‘Mr. President you look very handsome ohhh.’ We need to call the attention of each other when things are not going right around us,” Rev. Reeves emphasized.

He also quoted Edmund Burke’s famous saying about allowing evil to flourish. “‘All that is required for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.’ Some of the hardship and mess that we are experiencing are because too many of us are silent! 

“We don’t want to talk; corruption is going around and we don’t want to talk to lose our jobs. But I have stopped by to let you know that if you remain silent, watch God, He does what only He can do. There may be mess going around you in your community, and nothing will change until you stand up and speak out against the ills around you,” the Baptist Prelate warned.

Rev. Reeves indicated that in spite of individuals’ political lineages or religious affiliation, citizens are strategically positioned by God to standup and speak out.

“The team, Mr. President you put on, is losing the game. From the Minister of Finance to the Minister of State to everybody in this government, the team is losing the game. It’s time to put a brand new team on the field so that Liberia can win the game with better Ministers of Finance, and Commerce and people who can fix our country. “

– Dr. Samuel Reeves, Senior Pastor, Providence Baptist Church

“God is no respecter of persons. He doesn’t care how old or young you are. He doesn’t care which denomination you carry. It doesn’t matter what denomination you belong to, how old you are, how young you are or political party you are affiliating with, or position you carry in government. The reason why you stay where you are is because God wants you not to remain silent; because God wants to do some things through you and you need to stand up and speak out on behalf of Jesus,” he urged.

Rev. Reeves disclosed that government officials who are playing blind-eye to issues affecting citizens and reneging on speaking out remain unsafe.

He maintained that despite these officials in proximity to power, their safety would not be guaranteed if they continue to remain mute on things that are greatly affecting Liberia and its citizens.

“Some of us quick to forget; some of you have worked for every government – I want to say from Joseph Jenkins Roberts – because you worked nowhere else, but government. And sometimes, you forget and think because you’re closed to power, when something happens to the power, you will be excused. But ask the people who worked for Taylor, Tolbert, Ellen and you better known for the people who work for Weah. Your silence in the mess that is going on, will not guarantee your safety,” the ‘Man of God’ assured. 

Warning on squandering resources

The renowned Liberian clergyman further warned public officials against squandering the resources of the country to the detriment of the vast majority of the people.

He noted that those serving at the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches were favored by God not to reap personal benefits, but to work in the collective interest of the country and its citizens.

“God has placed you where you are not just to enjoy the benefits of the Legislative Branch of government; not just to exploit the benefits of Judicial Branch of government; not just to squander the resources in the Executive Branch; not just because you are privileged in the religious eye of the world and the society; not just to explore who you are and what God is giving you. God has called you to where you are to fulfill his promise for you and the nation,” he stated.

Rev. Reeves maintained: “God created you for a divine purpose and a unique role to fulfill in your life just what he did for Esther. He put her in a palace, made her the queen and he created a difficult situation so that she will call upon him and she will do what God needed her to do. There are times we can do something for ourselves.”

Trust in God

The Liberian Prelate noted that despite the challenges, Liberians must always put their trust in God.

He observed that most citizens continue to go to bed hungry, but they should remain trustful. 

“We do not always see God’s hands in the midst of our trials. There are mothers, fathers and families who have been going to bed hungry every night and they been wondering where is the God you been taking about,” he stated.

“There are times we don’t see the hands of God in our trials, temptations and situations; but we must learn to trust God and allow God’s will and allow Him to perform through our circumstances so that we will be able to accomplish the work that God has called us to do for His Kingdom and the nation.”