Liberia: Armed Robbery Activities Increase In Ganta Following Release of Notorious Criminal


Ganta, Nimba County – FrontPage Africa has gathered that since the release of the head of an armed robbery gang, Rufus Gologolo, from the Sanniquelie Central Prison, there have been an increase in armed robbery and other burglary activities in Ganta city, the commercial hub of Nimba County.

Rufus Gologolo, alias Godly Wine, was arrested by Police in Ganta last September when a businessman identified as Roosevelt Berry reported him to the Police for allegedly raiding his shop.

According Berry, Gologolo led his gang to his shop on August 25, 2020, wounded him and took away his money and goods.

“I saw five of them in my shop with cutlasses and others bad weapons in their hands when I came from my room. They asked me to show them my business’ money and threatened to kill me right in my shop if I refused or talk. And all five of them who entered took away my money and goods and then wounded me,” lamented Berry during an interview with FPA.

Gologolo was arrested in early September amid a scene of jubilation from the community and was transferred to the Sanniquellie Central Prison pending court trial.

However, FPA has gathered that he has been released and is back in Ganta and masterminding all forms of criminal activities ranging from armed robbery, petty burglary from homes and snatching materials such as mobile phones and bags from residents and travelers making stopovers in Ganta.

When contacted, the LNP Commander of Ganta Detail, Adolphus Zuah, admitted that Gologolo has been released by the Eight Judicial Circuit Court of Nimba County, but they did not know on what grounds he was free.

Commander Zuah blamed the increase in criminal activities within Ganta and its environs to the release of Gologolo and scores of hardcore criminals from the Sanniquellie Central Prison.

When called up for response, the Superintendent of the prison, Mark Kardor, declined to comments, but referred our reporter to his bosses in Monrovia.  

Of late, there have been reports of young men, between ages 18 and 30 roaming the neighborhoods and streets of Ganta with cutlasses and other lethal weapons terrorizing peaceful residents.

Annie Doma and Esther Dolo, petty business women of Saclepea were among the latest victims of the menace.

According to them, they were en route to Monrovia when they made a stop in Ganta to board a car to continue their journey and were attacked by group of men who took away their travelling bags containing L$400,000.

“We have been on this road for years and nothing like this has ever happened to us,” laments Annie Domah.

We were surprised that Ganta is turning into a criminal city. We have been wounded or killed,” added Esther Dolo.

Residents of Ganta, who once celebrated Gologolo’s arrest are now living in fear again over his release that has been marred with a new wave of criminal activities.

“When we heard the news that Rufus Gologolo was arrested by Police, we, the residents of Guinea road Community were happy because we felt that we are safe now. But since his return, the stealing has started again,” said Ezekiel Dennis, Chairman of the Guinea Road Community.

The Police commander said they are determined to go after the criminals, but lack of logistics is impeding their operations. According to him, the only vehicle assigned to them has been down for almost a year.