Liberia: ANC Stalwart Arrested for Allegedly Posting Misinformation of Ritualistic Killing of Facebook


MONROVIA – The Liberia National Police has arrested a stalwart of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Jethro Saylah Kangar Harris, for allegedly spreading misinformation of ritualistic killing on Facebook.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that Kangar had reportedly posted a picture of a young girl alongside a picture of an open corpse on an autopsy table.

He reportedly wrote:

I’m in tears tonight.

It’s so painful how the young people of Liberia are dying mysteriously…

This is the late Rolisa N. Gbeintor, an alumnae of the Len Millar High School…

She was murdered and parts of her body were extracted.

She had dreams… She had a great future ahead of her… but there she lies dead without understanding, how…

May her gentle soul rest in peace and the souls of all other faithfully departed rest in perpetual peace!

FrontPageAfrica cannot publish the photos allegedly published on Facebook by Kangar because of its graphic content.

Karnga was arrested in Ganta, Nimba County while on a tour with the ANC’s standard bearer, Alexander B. Cummings.

When contacted for comments on the arrest, Mr. Mulbah Yorgbor, Director of Communications in the officer of the standard bearer, described the arrest as “a return to the past where people were being arrested for expressing their rights”.

Mr. Yorgbor confirmed to FrontPageAfrica that indeed Rolisa N. Gbeintor who was a friend to Kangar died mysteriously and parts of her body were extracted.

“Juxtaposing her picture and other picture to express his grief on social media should not be a crime for which heavily armed police will drive all the way from Monrovia to Ganta to arrest a young man,” Yorgbor said.

Yorgbor also said the ANC is baffled by the arrest since their stalwart didn’t directly accuse anyone in the post.

He said, the hierarchy of the ANC, Rep. Lawrence Yonquoi and others pleaded with the police allow them turn him over tomorrow (Saturday) at 8 am, but the police refused, claiming that they had instructions from above.