Liberia: Africa Rice De-SIRA Project Launch in Bong County


MONROVIA – Farmers in Liberia have been urged to collectively work together to ensure sustainability in the rice and fish farming sectors.

Making the call, Agriculture Minister Jeanine Cooper said sustaining both rice and fish farming will enhance fight against hunger and food insecurity in the country.

Launching the Africa Rice De-SIRA project in Bong County, Minster Cooper said, Liberia as a low-income country where hunger and food insecurity still remain a challenge need programs in the agriculture sector to swiftly address some of the food insecurity.

The Agriculture Minister disclosed that the Africa Rice De-SIRA project will help in maximizing the use of assets and resources available in the fish and rice farming industry.

She also stressed the need for integrated and mechanized rice and fish farming in Liberia to ensure efficient yields of the products for its farmers sustain themselves and provide for their families.

Minister Cooper committed the Agriculture Ministry continues collaboration with Africa Rice in developing the fish and rice farming and other projects in an effort to alleviate poverty and food insecurity.

Meanwhile, Africa Rice Executive Director Dr. Inoussa Akintayo disclosed that millions of impoverished Africans and particularly Liberians depend on fish and rice farming.

Dr. Akintayo said despites fish and rice farming being sole trade for many, yields from these activities are extremely low to sustain the farmers and their families.

Giving an overview of the De-SIRA project, Dr. Akintayo said the initiative is being launched to enhance the development of fish and rice value chain in Liberia.

According to him, the project will improve food nutrition and food security, develop and enhance the rice and fish system technology to private and public sectors.

Dr. Akintayo said the project will strive to develop a multi-stakeholders platform in fish and rice farming, and build the capacity of the private and public sectors to transform the sector into an agri-business sector.