Liberia: Activism Groups Demand Probe into Alleged Sodomy made by Mrs. Kanvee Adams against a Clergyman


MONROVIA – In the wake of President George Weah’s declaration of rape as a national emergency, Kahtayquah, (1 Child) and other activism groups are calling on the government to investigate Gospel Musician Kanvee Adams’ accusations of Bishop Jermaine Jones raping and sodomizing a child.

The allegations made by the renowned gospel musician took over social media and degenerated into a social media battle and war of words between the clergyman and the gospel musician.

The clergyman denied all allegations in their exchanging of words. 

In a press release dated on September 12, 2020, the group said it has been hinted or alleged that a sex offender lived, among others, and leading flock of people as a bishop within the Christian Community, is accused of sexual activities involving a minor.

“This information was made public via social media, and we are not taking it lightly. No, we are not taking it with a pinch of salt, and of course, we are not taking it lying down. No! Let it not go down in history that we heard about an alleged child molester / sex offender living among us and we did nothing about it. This is why we are immediately calling on the relevant authorities to look into the matter. What we are saying is simple: Kindly investigate. If found guilty, let the perpetrator be dealt with according to the laws of the Republic of Liberia. May posterity judge us if our ears heard such terrible news and we looked the other way,” said the release.

The Press release further warned: “Let us not have a repeat of a Tobias Bowen situation. Tobias Bowen was a serial rapist in one part of the world. Somehow, he ended up in Liberia and became a leader in our country, head of the Redemption Hospital. Now, how a sex offender slipped through the cracks and became the head of one of the big hospitals of our land is still a mystery. The result: Many people, especially children, fell prey to this sick man. This is a man who even raped his own daughters for years, according to them, of course!!!” said the release.

The groups are saying an investigation should be launched and if the allegation is true, Bishop Jermaine Jones should be dealt with according to the laws of the Republic of Liberia. They have already delivered letters to the Liberia Council of Churches, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Gender.