Liberia: Acting GC Commissioner ‘Intimidates’ Non-CDCians with Dismissal


Monrovia FrontPageAfrica has gathered that several employees of the Governance Commission, who are non-partisans of the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC), risk losing their jobs as they face constant threats of dismissal from the commission of the public sector.

Sources within the Governance Commission have told FPA that Elizabeth Dorkin, who was commissioner of the public sector reform department, is exhibiting excessive power at the commission and usurping the duties of the acting outgoing chairman of the GC, Othello Gongar, who tenure has already expired.

Amongst other things, the Public Sector Reform focuses on developing a framework of comprehensive governance reform and addresses the “challenges of the unwholesome political culture of patronage, corruption, impunity, exclusiveness, and a highly centralized governance structure”.

Since taking over at the Governance Commission, Dorkin continues to threaten staff and recently told them that with the appointment of the new commissioner General, the administration will now “clean up” the commission by dismissing employees with dissenting views and reassign others who are non-partisans of the ruling party.

Dorkin has also told staff of the department that she would change half of them or transfer them to other departments.

Madam Dorkin, according to our sources, is being allow to have her way at the commission because of her connections with the Minister of State and Presidential Affairs Mr. Nathaniel McGill, who is reportedly influential as it relates the appointment of public officials.

Since her appointment August this year, FPA gathered that Dorkin is yet to submit her credential to the Human Resource Department. The only record she has on her on file is her confirmation and appointment letters, a source said.

Upon taking office, Madam Dorkin told staff of the department that she anticipated a county commissioner position and was astonished to become the head of the public sector head at the GC.

There are also suspicions about Commissioner Dorkin’s qualification as sources have hinted FPA that there are also concerns that she has not obtained a bachelor degree from the United Methodist University.

Madam Dorkin recently demanded that she attended a study program sponsored by the World Bank in the United Kingdom and South Africa although the slot was intended for a technocrat of the GC. Since Dorkin returned to the country following the programs she is yet to submit a report about her trip.

In 2017, Dorkin contested the seat of Representative for Montserrado County District 14 on the ticket of the Liberia Transformation Party, winning just 551(1.9%) votes while Abraham Vamuyah Conneh of the CDC retained the seat with 15,720 votes (54.3%).

Although, she did not contest as a CDCian, now as a political appointee she is armed to implement the agenda of the ruling party.

There have been mountains of allegations against the CDC government about launching a purge against government employees who are oppositions or have expressed dissenting views about the administration.