Highest-Ranking Liberian Serving in the United Nations System Urges Religious Leaders to Speak Truth to Power on Vices in the Country


MONROVIA – The highest-ranking Liberian serving in the United Nations System, Rev. Sara Beysolow-Nyanti, has expressed disappointment over the conspicuous silence of denominations of various churches to stand up and speak against societal ills in Liberia.

Rev. Beysolow-Nyanti observed that the churches in the past are quite different from the ones in present day Liberia as evidenced by the failure of religious leaders to speak truth to power.

She made these comments when she served as guest preacher at the induction and climax of the 46th Mid-Year Congress of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention (LBMEC) held at the Ricks Institute campus on Sunday, October 25.

Rev. Beysolow-Nyanti is also a Minister of the Gospel at the Zion Grove Baptist Church in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.

She wondered while religious leaders in the country will continue to remain mute in the midst of the growing wave of economic constraints, violations of human rights and secret killings, among others in the nation.

Rev. Beysolow-Nyanti said it is high time religious leaders muster the courage and heroically speak truth to power without fear or favor.

“Speaking truth to power, I ask the Baptist Church today, have we spoken about the raping of our innocent girls? Have we spoken about our children being in the streets every day? Have we spoken about the killings of professionals? Are we speaking? Who’s talking? The church must not be the one to sit; the church must preach. Wrong is wrong, and right is right”.

She recounted the tireless efforts of deceased religious leaders who fearlessly spoke against society ills and other forms of injustices, including fallen Catholic Archbishop, Michael Kpakala Francis.

She observed that deceptions, lies, gossips and destroying one another continue to remain the order of the day in various churches in Liberia.

She noted that religious leaders should provide their services to ensure the forward match of the nation and its people.

At the same time, the Liberian clergy woman has called on Liberians, particularly religious leaders to present their bodies as a living sacrifice and desist from engaging into unwholesome practices.

She frowned at the propagating of the gospel by religious leaders who continue to engage into intoxication.

“I am told that the body supposed to be sobered in all levels and forms. The time has come for us to put God first. Some people are coming to church, but they don’t know Jesus”.

Liberia will rise

Rev. Beysolow-Nyanti maintained that despite the increase in rape and other lawlessness in the country, Liberia will not remain at its present state in the future.

She noted that beginning from the churches, segregation should be rejected, and the views of everyone should be respected regardless of status or dress code.

 “This nation will rise; this nation will prosper. We must stand up and speak out. Our children are being destroyed. Stand for something now, or you will fall for everything”.

Rev. Beysolow-Nyanti urged members of the Baptist Church in Liberia not to judge one another by the clothes they wear, or by the physical appearances, but should continue to render their services in a Godly manner and form.