Happy Belated Birthday To The Late President William R. Tolbert On His 106 Birth Anniversary, May 13, 2019


Monday, May 13, 2019 was your 106 birth anniversary, happy belated birthday Mr. President posthumously, born on May 13, 1913 in Bensonville, Montserrado County. Trained as a civil servant, you entered the country’s House of Representatives in 1943. Because of your dedication to public service you were elected Vice president to William Tubman in 1952 and served in that position until you became President following Tubman’s death in 1971. Your ascendency to the presidency signals to the outside world a peaceful transition that was remarkable in Africa where political turmoil was the norm of the day.

Upon becoming president, you initiated several liberal reforms; dissolution of security agencies; EAB and NISS to remove the fear factor that pervaded during the dictatorial reign of your predecessor, President Tubman. As a policy to integrate indigenous people in the body-politic of the country, you appointed several qualified and competent indigenous professionals and technocrats to junior, middle and senior level ministerial positions. 

Your economic policy of “Higher Heights for Total Involvement” was remarkable with payout dividends. Under this policy we saw the modernization of several slum communities. Your integrated rural development program was one of the best on the continent. The BCADP, LCADP, NCRADP, Small Rice Holder, and the Liberia Rubber Development Unit and etc., were projects that were undertaken. 

Under your liberal reform you allowed for the first time in several decades the registration of an opposition Political Party, the Progressive People’s Party (PPP). On the Foreign front you were at the forefront on the formation of ECOWAS and the Mano River Union. You formulated an independent Foreign Policy model with emphasis on Non-aligned Nations during the cold war period. 

Your opponents misunderstood you; you were fought within the rank and file of the ruling oligarchy because of the level of speed with your reforms. You were also fought externally by two forces the brain-washed domestic political radicals and their external Super Power.  Those who opposed you at time have realized their mistakes and carrying some guilt’s. You remained the Liberia’s only progressive President. Your nine years reign was remarkable (1971-1980).  We can imagine if it wasn’t for the 1980 coup d’état Liberia could look like a Paradise today. Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

David A. Logan, BBA, MBA (Candidate)

Sr. Elections Magistrate

National Elections Commission

Republic of Liberia

P.O. Box 2044

9th& 10thStreets, Sinkor

Monrovia, Liberia

[email protected]