Expatriate Brutalizes Liberian Employee At Mano Palm Oil Company


Bomi County – The management of Mano Palm Oil Company in Bomi County is said to be  investigating a case of assault brought against its expatriate, Hassan Fawaz.

Fawaz allegedly manhandled Emmanuel Pessima, who works in the company’s warehouse, after he refused to allow the expatriate take an item out of the warehouse.

Fawaz is alleged to have physically assaulted Pessima, leaving him with ear, shoulder and face injuries. The incident happened in the office of the company’s Human Resource Officer, Madam Amelia Togbah, on October 18, a source at the company told FrontPageAfrica.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that Pessima was asked by Fawaz to allow an auto spare part out of the warehouse without it being documented, a decision Pessima declined on grounds that he needed an authorization from the senior  management before allowing any spare parts out of the warehouse.

Due to Pessima’s refusal, Fawaz took his complaint to Madam Togbah, who invited Pessima and Fawaz for questioning. In Madam Togbah’s presence, Fawaz allegedly punched Pessima in the face, sparking uproar between him and Liberian employees if the company, our source said.

Attempts by FrontPageAfrica to get Madam Togbah were unsuccessful as her phone rang without response.

The incident has caused anger at the company’s camp in Bomi, with many saying it shows the disdain that other countries hold for Liberians. Some are calling for the dismissal of Fawaz.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that the victim has been sick since the incident but has been skeptical of speaking to the press on the matter due to fear being dismissed.