Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Foundation Embarks on Improving Citizens’ Livelihoods Through Humanitarian Works


MONROVIA – As the economic constraints and challenges confronting Liberia and its citizens continue to escalate on a regular basis-with citizens, especially less fortunate Liberians almost like losing hope, turning elsewhere or engaging into unwholesome practices for survival, the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation is said to be making positive impacts in the lives of citizens across the nation.

The Dr. Cassell’s Foundation is now a household philanthropic which has come under the spotlight-ringing bells in the ears of Liberians and others-for its immense and indefatigable contributions towards helping to improve the living conditions of thousands of less fortunate Liberians, especially elderly women and children across the nation.

The foundation which commenced its operations in Liberia for the past eight years behind closed doors, decided to come to the forefront by becoming a legal philanthropic organization operating in the country in July 2020, during the heat of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is a Christian-based company that provides humanitarian aid work and funding in Liberia and the USA.

With operations offices in West Orange, New Jersey, Margibi and Montserrado Counties, the foundation’s goal is to assist the less fortunate, marginalized, and disenfranchised citizens of our society in meeting their basic needs.

The Foundation is funded by Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Pennsylvania, USA, a Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor (LCADC) in New Jersey and the President/Founder of the Kwenyan Professional Health Services, LLC and Kwenyan and Associates based in the United States.

He is also the CEO of the Kwenyan Security Firm in Liberia.

Paramount amount the donations made by the foundation prior to its officially establishment in Liberia, the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation in December 2018, is the donation of multiple speed guns and breathalyzer to the Liberian National Police (LNP).

The donation was aimed at reducing the high rate of fatal accidents and excessive speeding.

“Many Liberians travel and return to Liberia with heavy criticisms against the force. Some leave with impacts. With budget constraints he (Dr. Cassell) saw the need to help this noble institution. Since 1847 this is the first-speed guns LNP will have for themselves. These speed trackers will help; we have never held a speed gun before”, Police Inspector Colonel Patrick Sudue stated.

Following its legal formation, hundreds of citizens including the destitute, visually impaired, physically challenged and vulnerable youths, among others commonly known as “zogos” have benefitted from the humanitarian gesture of Dr. Cassell’s Foundation.

The foundation commenced the distribution of several hundred bags of rice and cash donations to citizens of vulnerable groups and about 12 towns in Montserrado and Margibi counties respectively barely few days after its establishment in the country.

About 100 bags of American Delta parboiled and other imported rice worth a little over US$2800, and L$195,000 were donated and presented to the beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries came from the Group of 77, Sinkor Disabled Union, and the Disabled Rights Association of Liberia in central Monrovia, as well as 12 towns in Margibi including: Gbomo Kollie, Tommy, Jwelesue, Varteka, Sagbah, Balimue, Gaimusue, Daimusue, Daimamu, Mophe Farm, Dillon Farm, Compound and Townsend town in Margibi County.

Town Chief Mary Paasawe stated: “The big, big people in this county- nobody can come and say you people who are town chiefs and are not taking pay-your come today to hold this small thing when big day coming. But I am surprised today for Dr. Cassell’s Foundation to come today to put Town Chiefs together and give them something for the July 26”.

Citizens, especially less fortunate Liberians from Margibi, Bong, Grand Bassa, Nimba, Grand Gedeh, Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties, among others also received several bags of rice and gallons of oil as contributions from the Liberian humanitarian during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, September 30, the foundation, through its CEO Dr. Cassell, presented a cheque of US$10,000 to the leadership of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) as a “support” towards the tireless sacrifices journalists continue to make in the country in the midst of numerous challenges.

The gesture was made when Dr. Cassell served as keynote speaker at the 56th anniversary celebration of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) held in Tubmanburg, Bomi County on Wednesday, September 30.

He spoke on the theme: “Impartial Journalism Contributes To Flourishing Democracy: Why Stay Independent?”

The PUL, through its President, Charles Coffey, commended Dr. Cassell for the donation.

Following the deaths of four Liberian auditors under suspicious circumstances in less than eight days, the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation offered a 5M Liberian dollars bounty for information that could lead to the arrest and subsequent prosecution of any of the killer (s) of Gifty Lama, Albert Peters, George Fahnbutu, and Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa, former employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority, and the Internal Audit Agency (IAA).

As a sound of showing seriousness to the bounty announced, the Foundation, paid for the airing of Jingles at several radio stations and advert publication in few newspapers.

Despite the efforts applied by the Foundation, through its CEO.President Dr. Cassell, but noone has so far shown up or provided cogent information leading to the arrest of the “killers” of these deceased Liberian professionals.

As a way of showing sympathy for the loss of their parents, relatives and loved ones, Dr. Cassell on December 22 awarded scholarship opportunities to the two kids of the deceased former employee of the LRA(LRA), Gifty Asmah Lama and Sylvester Lama.

He also presented toys, including bicycles and others to the kids to encourage them to amuse themselves and have a fine time during the festive season.

 “On behalf of my late wife and kids, we highly appreciate the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation. What you have done for my family, only God Almighty will reward you. We want to be grateful to you and your family” Sylvester Lama, father of the kids and widower of Gifty stated.

In the same light, Liberian humanitarian, Dr. Cassell also awarded a four-year each university scholarship to the children of the deceased auditor of the LRA, Albert Peters and an unspecified amount of United States dollars to the family.

Beatrice Andrew Peters, widow of Mr. Peters commended Dr. Cassell for “thinking about the family at this time”.

Recently, Dr. Cassell’s celebrated his birth anniversary with hundreds of visually impaired and physically challenged Liberians from the Group of 77, and the National Association of Disabled Advocates at the YMCA gymnasium on Crown Hill in Monrovia on Friday, January 8.

Instead of receiving gifts on his birthday, the renowned Liberian humanitarian presented 300 bags of rice, 200 gallons of cooking oil and L$100,000 to the two groups that celebrated his birthday, with along with him and his family members, employees, and friends.

In separate remarks, the beneficiaries extended thanks and appreciation but called on the foundation to go the extra mile by empowering them through vocational skills training or the provision of scholarship opportunities to enable them obtain university degrees.

The Foundation prioritizes sports by being one of the sole sponsors of second division Tony FC in the Liberia Football Association (LFA) National league. 

With just few years of being in existence, the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation has touched and impacted the lives of thousands of citizens across the country through donations to less fortunate group, scholarship opportunities for grade and university students, construction of bridges to connect farm-to-market roads and other surrounding towns in Margibi County.