Bong County Police Launch Manhunt for Man Suspected of Slaughtering His Spouse of Nine Children


Mano Wainsue, Jorquelleh District, Bong — Police in Bong County have launched a manhunt for a man suspected to have stabbed his wife to death in Mano Wainsue, Jorquelleh District, Bong County over domestic wrangle.

According to the head of police in Bong, Frederick Nappy, the suspect murdered his wife of nine children, Hawa Yarkpawolo, 38,  by stabbing her repeatedly on the abdomen and also in the head, causing serious injuries.

Dolo Kollie, 39, vanished the scene after committing the crime, Nappy told FrontPageAfrica.

According to some of the relatives to the deceased, the couple have been fighting and they have advised them to separate.

Moses Sumo, a motorcyclist who claimed he watched the killing of Yarkpawolo, while on his way to Lagban Town from a nearby village, the lady was seen crying bitterly for assistance, but when he attempted making intervention, Dolo had cutlass in his possession and threatened to kill him if he intervened prompting him to escape the scene.

Murder cases linked to love affairs

Sordid details and betrayals appear to be the twin dominant factors behind murder cases and attempts to murder in Bong County, crime statistics with police in the county show.

According to the police data accessed by FrontPageAfrica Thursday, illicit relationships account for 60 percent of the 16 cases of murder in the county since October 2019.

The figure is five percent higher than the premeditated homicide cases the previous years.

“The victims in most cases were done away with brutality” a senior police, who is an expert in homicide cases told FrontPageAfrica, requesting abnonmity.

“In almost all the cases the accused is found to be a first-timer, and a sense of betrayal or feeling for revenge precedes the act,” the officer said.

The data reveals that a murder case takes place in Bong County where reasons to be the suspect is learning about an illicit relationship of his or her partner, finding one’s partner in a compromising position with another person, and the argument over sexual problem or incompatibility.