BCM Liberia Sets Record Straight on Employees’ Salary Issue


Monrovia – It has come to the attention of BCM Liberia Investment Limited reports in certain media quarters that the company has not paid its employees for five months.

The Management will entreat all to disregard such reports because they are without any basis or merit and only meant to tarnish the good reputation of the Company.

The Management of BCM Liberia Investment Limited clarified that the company stopped full operation in September 2020 due to the second surge of COVID-19 which the World Health Organization declared as a Pandemic.

The outbreak of COVID-19 affected many investments around the world, not precluding Liberia, the company said in a recent press release issued in Monrovia.

The adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic experienced by the company has been due to closure of laboratories in Liberia. The Company has had to send all drill samples out of the country for testing and the delay has impacted further drilling work.

The Management of BCM Liberia Investment, in the release further clarified that it settled its obligations to the company’s employees before shutting down full operations.

BCM Liberia Investment Limited also pointed out that there are less than five provisional Staffers of the company who are managing the Concession facilities in Grand Bassa County, until it resumes full operations. 

The five provisional staffers are being compensated appropriately and as such, there is no planned protest as it is being invalidly reported in some quarters of the media.