Unraveling The BBL Sex Scandal: Gary was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. True or False?


MONROVIA — “He who swallows a whole coconut must have complete faith in the strength of his bottom” I didn’t know how serious this African adage was because it made me laugh anytime I think about it, until now that I have to ponder on it in relation to what happened at the big Brabee house and couldn’t spare a smile because of Gary’s dance of shame on live TV. When you watch the video of this unacceptable act, it would be difficult to say that Gary’s behavior wasn’t premeditated. He covered himself with the blanket to hide his intentions and furthermore his movement was very slow which proved that he was avoiding being caught by the camera, but now if he Gary was very conscious about being caught by the public’s eye, wasn’t he worried that Irea was going to cause an alarm when she notices that he is trying to force himself on her?

Edwin Elic-Jaleiba, [email protected], Contributing Writer

I was kind of confused about Irea’s reaction, it wasn’t looking as if she was sleeping deep and all along it was as if she knew what was being done to her, So why didn’t she speak up? We could say that Gary took her silence for consent or was she waiting for Big Brabee to stop Gary? Because at some point I was actually waiting to hear Brabee’s voice but my ears ran out of patience and the only thing that bounced back to my mind was the echoes of my own words saying, is Brabee sleeping? Is he going to stop Gary? Or does Brabee think both individuals have strings attached, so they could do whatever to each other? Or Brabee is only concerned about getting viewers so allowing such to happen will guarantee that millions of Liberians follow the show? By the way, What was Brabee really thinking?

We all know Gary to be an attention Seeker and from previous posts online it is easy to say that what he did to irea is something that he has been nurturing in his heart for a while. In the screenshots we have, you will see that Gary’s mind has been crafted towards having sexual madness with someone(Anyone) at the Big Brabee house. On March 3 at 2:51 pm on Facebook, Gary wrote ” This year Big Brabee Liberia, No Kehkeleh going in that house. I don’t wanna brag but I can see plenty pregnancy loading”. In another post on Facebook dated back to June 8 at 11:13 Pm, Gary wrote, “The way I love woman business, I na see my equal”. From what you’ve read, isn’t it clear that Gary was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at the Big Brabee house? His mind was bent on having sex at all cost and not doubt his wishes came through. Gary’s case goes in accordance with this saying “We are nothing but the thoughts we caress in our minds”.

Why did Big Brabee whisk Gary away in handcuffs if they didn’t feel he was guilty of a crime? Or why did he make a public apology claiming that he is guilty of what he is being accused of if he is indeed innocent? From what we saw on live camera, Gary might have penetrated. Whether she was sleeping deep or just pretending to be sleeping, all we know is we didn’t see her give Gary verbal approval and she didn’t make sexual body movements towards him to say that she was okay with Gary’s intentions. This is the beginning of the end for the Big Brabee Liberia reality show because what Gary just did and the way Big Brabee is going about it is an eyesore to the image of this Nation. I am still wondering what Irea is still doing at the Big Brabee house because as at now Big Brabee should have relieved her from the show so she can be medically attended to against unwanted pregnancy and Std because it doesn’t look as if Gary wore a condom. Besides, She needs therapy because of the trauma of being fiddled with in such manner, especially in the public’s eye. This could have a downside on Irea’s mental health and she’s still in the House as Big Brabee is only focused on ending the show on Sunday.

Would this sex scandal envelope into an horibble nightmare for Gary and the Big Brabee Liberia Show? As we may have it, there’s a rumor spreading that Gary has been released by the Liberian National Police on claims that he was masturbating. Is this a joke? From what we saw in the video clip, was that masturbation? It was more as if he was moving his genital through her private part or rubbing it on her. Either way, this is sexual harassment. The case isn’t meant to be decided without the victim in the picture. If it was indeed a case of masturbation then Big Brabee wouldn’t have disqualified Gary because it’s a reality show and that’s expected, even sex by consent is nothing wrong on the show. BBL is modeled after Big Brother Naija and I don’t think Big Brother would disqualify any housemate for masturbating. The rumor is fake and Gary is still in police custody. The Big Brabee Liberia Sex scandal needs to be carefully investigated and Justice shouldn’t be trampled on.