Out of a Liberian Slum, Liberia’s Most Decorated Videographer, Jackie Russ Is Born


We often see creative people in places where they don’t belong, but for Jackie Russ, the case is different; he applies the Veni, Vidi, Vici theory— He goes there, sees it, and conquers that identical field. In other words, to know Jackie Russ is to acknowledge the fact that he has a burning desire to go ace in whatsoever he gets involved with. From being a musician to producer and now Liberia’s most decorated videographer, Jackie’s quest for distinction never ceases to amaze me.

By Sheikh Mohammed

t has been nothing short of greatness to watch him hit the full-whack of his career as a self-made videographer, with an undeniable wellspring of ideas that have the potential to catapult the Liberian music industry to global stature.

Due to his Creativity, hard work, determination, and consistency, Jackie has been considered as one of the most versatile and sought out celebrities in the industry. Over the years, Jackie has earned tremendous recognition for his work and has won countless awards as a director. Jackie is a master at his craft to look out for anytime, any day. And has, once again, grabbed another nomination at this year’s MLMA.

The story of Jackie Russ has taught us that becoming successful in the entertainment industry is not a day’s job, and it takes more than passion and talent to make a name for yourself. Hence, he is a genius from the slum who has registered his name in the art scene as a top-notch cinematographer.

Jackie can be reached on his Instagram account and Twitter  handle.