LIBERIAN FASHION POLICE: Who Has Been The Most Stylish Liberian Male Artiste Since the Year Started?


I want to believe that Social Media has brought alot of Changes into the Entertainment world in Liberia, especially when it comes to the Lifestyle of our Celebrities.

These days you would almost be tempted to purchase an handcuff while going for a show that involves Stunna, Deng, CIC, Feouls or Christoph… Because with how Stylish they can look you would almost want to pin your girlfriend to yourself before one of these guys steal her away from you. Hmm…To dress to kill is really not a joking matter no more, every Male artiste in Liberia now practically understands branding, and with that there’s a common sense that States that: The way you dress is the way you would be addressed.

I don’t think you would pay Deng Five hundred US Dollars for a show when you know that one of his bling on his neck or his Wrist Watch cost One thousand Five hundred dollars or even more. The truth is, to maintain a celebrity lifestyle is not cheap, you have to spend to receive.When you look at Christoph from head to toe you would definitely know that he doesn’t purchase fake things. Looking at how healthy his dreads are… it’s obvious that he makes sure he gets the best hair products, and also uses one of the best hairstylist you can find in this beautiful country of ours. Even though Christoph goes for the best wears and so on, I wouldn’t be lying if I say he hasn’t dressed the best since the past six months.

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It has always been the same way of dressing, Boring and nothing spectacular like What Stunna has done of late. So with this Would you say that Christoph is afraid to experiment even with his amazing body that will make any outfit Standout, and any girl Fall Inlove? His New Videos are the talk of the town, Mehn! You would almost feel that they weren’t shot here, but surprisingly, those Videos where made in Liberia. Hmm…Let me ask myself, What do I like about CIC’s dress sense this year? Chey! I should say that his head wear. In the absence of a signature hairstyle like Deng, Christoph and Stunna, CIC has been able to improvise with the availability of being Fashion Smart. He has a particular Black Hat thing that has been attached to his brand, though he wears face cap most times, but as I speak the Black Hat is loudly pronounced with the name CIC and that’s because his fans, and I mean the ladies cant get enough of him when he is all in his Modern Cowboy Swag.

Now, talking about the Model like Musician… Feouls hasn’t failed us once when it comes to dressing to kill but what i really feel is that just like Christoph, He is comfortable looking in a particular way; which is not a sin but your fans need to see you in different versions so they wont get bored of you. Interestingly and Sadly I have come to the part where I have to announce who the most Stylish Male Liberian Artist is…Trust me, Stunna has been so outstanding. He is always in touch with the Latest Fashion trends, but no mehn! I don’t feel it should go to Stunna when we have Deng making different Fashion Statements that will only make you say WOW! His colour combination is always fearless and on point.


Deng doesn’t just stick to What’s New but also try old skool things that becomes Magical the moment it touches his Skin. One thing that has really improved Deng’s Fashion Sense is the exposure he has gotten from touring the world. With No further ado, The most Stylish Male Liberian artiste is Deng.