Liberian Artiste Wants Colleagues Work Hard Towards Recognition


Monrovia – Musician, songwriter and producer, 2 Sweet, has urged the country’s musicians to do more if they are to be prioritized among foreign artistes.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo, [email protected]

He said his colleagues should do some extra reading and get involved with studio works in making sure that their dreams are realized.

“They need to get to the studio so that they can familiarize themselves with the works, and read more, because Liberian music can only get better if they get closer to the studio,” she said.

Known popularly by his moniker, 2 Sweet, he was born Mamudu Dabor to a Sierra-Leonean father and a Liberian mother, he made his debut on the music scene when he dropped his popular single “Why she dey cry,” featuring F Dot A. he has since gone on to feature many artistes, including Quincy B Christoph, Soul Fresh.

He said music connects, educates and unites people and is an instrument to maintain peace and to other issues of national concern.

“I’m happy that I’m part of the Liberian musical industry and most of the songs I produced and write is confidential, because when you are multipurpose so many things happen at once.”

He said his inspiration for music came in 1996 from his older brothers and partners in the UK.

“My coming into the musical industry has brought changes mainly through sexual and gender based issues because I am one of the musicians that fought against Gender based violence, through the song ‘why she dey cry’,” he disclosed.

“Many Liberian musicians—today, I have produced them for free and the game is stepping up gradually than before, but the stars in Liberia need to step up the game. Liberian musician needs to do more to meet up with international standard, so we need to do what needs to be done.”

He said artistes in the country need to interact in fostering love and concern, something that he said is lacking among artistes in the country.

“When international stars come in, it tells us that we Liberians have to beat up the game because we are not where we are supposed to be.

Though I don’t get mad with the coming in of international artistes because it’s an exposure to Liberian artist but our country should also give credence to Liberian artistes’ just the same as foreign artist like 50-50 between both local and international artistes.”

He said his new manager is Angie Henries, boasting that his style would be quite different from others this year. He disclosed that his studio does free job for young artists to further their dreams as musicians.

“It is free of charge for musician at my studio because we want to contribute and give back to the society in ensuring that young people and Liberia arts and culture is recognizing throughout the world. So my management and I are contributing to the youthful generation mainly those who have passion for music,” he added.