Liberian Afro-Pop Artist Based in the US to Drop Hits Song called Jealousy


Monrovia – A Liberian Afro-Pop artist famously known as F.E.J is back with a new single. Based in the US, F.E.J has been off the musical scene for over six years.

He expanded his record label, Meritt Record, to Liberia, signing three local talented artists just in one year.

The new single titled “Jealousy” features Liberia’s Afro-Pop sensation, Teddyride, and Trapco rapper, and Punchie the Zombie. Jealousy has a romantic but yet apologetic feel-good vibe that highlights the insecurity most people encounter in their relationships.

When asked why he wrote a song about jealousy -F.E.J replied by saying, “I believe everyone has experienced some insecurity in a relationship, be it a female or male. I thought it would be a great idea to highlight the struggles some people faced or continue to face in their relationships, which most often are simply accusations.

Produced by Mag Hitta, written, engineered, and mastered by F.E.J, Jealousy is an up-tempo bouncy-like record that is sure to keep you dancing nonstop. One may argue that being off the musical scene for that long may leave people wondering whether F.E.J can still top the charts as he did back then.

Sheik Godwin Lagufre is the General Manager for Meritt Records. Lagufre has been managing the new label’s affair in Liberia and is excited to celebrate one year of doing business in the country.

Sheik believes with a great marketing strategy, single-track Jealousy can quickly become an unstoppable force. “Jealousy will hit stores around the world and radio stations, he said.

On July 27, 2021, the single will be put out and as General Manager for Meritt Record, Lagufre is calling on the support of all Liberian both home and abroad.

“Please get a copy as we support great Liberian music,” Lagufre, the General Manager for Meritt Records said.