Liberia: Tamma TV launches First National Heritage Cultural Media Challenge 2021


Monrovia- Tamma Corporation, a television group that runs Tamma TV on Satcon has launched for the first time in Liberia, a national heritage cultural challenge to kick off next month across the fifteen counties in Liberia with cash prize of US$38,000 for winner.

Launching the program on Thursday at Tamma’s TV building in Congo town, the Executive Producer Mr. Abdullah Kamara gave the overview and objective of the event.

According to Mr. Kamara the National Heritage cultural challenge event with objective to enhance awareness and appreciation and cherished the value, norms and cultural heritage of Liberia will be held in all parts of the fifteen counties in Liberia.

A team of five members from each county will compete in various National and local cultural and heritage games in an effort to walk away with the winner prize.

Criteria to participate in the competition: Each person represented in the competition must be physically strong, a beauty queen, an intellectual, talented in cooking local foods, an artist/inventor or just any talented person, and an oracle or elder representing each sub-region.

He also listed three category comprising several rounds to obtain qualification to be a part of the event, and they include Stage one, which comprises an audition stage to select a short list of candidates and this is expected to be held in Monrovia, Nimba, and Buchanan.

The second stage will be selection and justification stage that will include voters to vote their choice to select a competitive team of five people void of cheating, while the third stage which is the final of the event will last for five weeks.

“The winning team will walk away with a Grand Prize for their county, which will be an infrastructural development project and each individual on the winning team will get a cash prize,” said Kamara.