Liberia Music Union President Supports US$30K Payment to D12


Monrovia – Sammy Gray Gboguy, president of the Music Union of Liberia (MULIB), says he supports the US$30,000 given to Edwin D. Tweh alias D12 because the union has always wished for Liberian musicians to be paid a hefty amount.

D12, a US-based Liberian musician, received whooping US$30,000 for performing his ‘Born to Win’ song at Liberia’s 172nd Independence Day Celebration in Monrovia.

“We want Liberian artists to be paid fairly and seriously I see no problem with that because the payment was fairly done,” Gboguy said, adding that the artist and his crew had paid for travel expenses including plane tickets.

“The money given him is even less to what neighboring countries are paying artists and I don’t get it why there will be complaints.

“We are entertainers and not politicians. D12 was invited for a special occasion if your song is playing well we expect that you get more money.”

The US$30,000 Ecobank check to D12 reads: “For service rendered to the NPA from August 1, 2019, to July 31, 2020”.

On Friday, September 13, a photograph of the check was circulated on social media.

In a statement posted on the NPA Facebook page, its Communications Director Malcolm Scott confirmed the payment to the D12 Music INC.

Scott said “Born to win” is a popular Liberian Music admired by many homes and abroad.

“When news broke out in Liberia that the Group was to officially perform the song during Liberia’s 172nd Independence, many Liberians hailed the Independence Day Celebration Organizing Committee’s farsightedness for promoting Liberian music and musicians in general,” he said.

Last weekend, critics of the Weah’s administration took to social media with photos of the official check stipulating the US$30, 000.00 issued on July 31, 2019, by the NPA to the D12 Music Group Inc for musical services provided during the Independence Celebration claiming that the amount paid was exorbitant.

Scott, quoting NPA Managing Director Bill Twehway, said the “check-in circulation on the Facebook was valid and authentic.”

He then confirmed that the amount was paid to five persons of the D12 Group Music INC for their services rendered but was issued in the name of the group’s head and there was nothing to hide.

The NPA Communication Director, however, fell short to disclose the names of the remaining four persons but slammed critics for questioning the NPA decision to make the payment.

“It is unfortunate for some Liberians to criticize the NPA’s decision to pay fellow Liberians who rendered services for the country claiming that the amount in question was excessive. 

“I think this is an attack and insult on the entertainment industry and I am calling on members of the industry to condemn this,” Scott said.

According to the NPA, the amount covers a one-year contract deal between the Government of Liberia (GOL) and the group for musical performances whenever the group is called upon during public events and encompasses the trip fare to and from the USA, lodging, feeding and extra amenities for the group during the Independence Celebration.