Liberia: Miss Earth Contestant, Folecia Dagher, Accuses Organizers of Stage Managing Competition


Monrovia – After failing to make the final three at the just ended Miss Earth Liberia Pageantry, 17-year-old Folecia Dagher is not taking things lightly, accusing the chief organizer of the competition, Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo, of manipulating the selection process of the three finalists.

Report by Jackson F Kanneh-00231770195412 / [email protected]

In a Facebook post hours after the competition, Dagher wrote about her dissatisfaction about the competition organizing director, Wokie Dolo.

In the post, she expressed her displeasure about the pageant, while frowning on her being stript from the final three all in the name of being underage.

According to Dagher, Dolo was informed about her level of education as well as her age yet allow her to compete for the crown just to use it against her in the dying minutes.

Miss Dagher, known by her stage name Miss ‘Fire’, accused Miss Liberia of dishonesty, claiming that she was prejudiced against from the very beginning of the competition.

According to her, Dolo lack of humility is a complete contradiction to her role as an ambassador for young girls in the country.

Below is the full text of her Facebook post:

Hey Wokie,

I think you’re a real talent and a role model to many young girls but you need to grow up and be better than yourself. Cause the current you is unacceptable as a role Model.

You are always overreacting and treat people like dirt and that’s not nice. You double-played me. You allowed me to compete only to bring out the hypocrisy in you, in the end.

Wokie wasn’t I honest and told you that I’m 17-year old and a 12th-grade student? I wrote this in my application and you accepted me as a participant. Why then, did you say that I couldn’t be among the top three because I’m still in high school? Why did you shamed me and refused to allow me at the after party at Cela Vi on accounts that I’m underage?

This is not how you treat people and I hope you can learn this.

I’m not angry because I think Georgia performed better and she deserved to win. I’m angry I expected you to be better than what you showed me. Nobody knows it all, I’m a teenager, but I can show you manners, I can show you decency. Hope you find the time to learn these from me.

To all the young girls out there, please don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t be. Don’t let your age decide your boundaries. Go for what you and even if you don’t win, show the world that you’ve got guts!! She expressed her Dissatisfaction.

In view of this, LA Queen Entertainment, the official organizer of the Miss Earth Liberia beauty pageant has since responded to Dagher comment and other social media users who are also accusing the organizers of foul play and huge favoritism at the event.

In response to this widespread criticism, LA Queen Entertainment responded with its own Facebook post, denying “any wrongdoing, disobedience or favoritism as it is been portrayed by Contestant Folecia Dagher”.

The organizers insist the competition was free and fair, with all contestants treated equally and they all had their own destiny to emerge as the winner of the competition, adding, “Miss Folecia Dagher failure to emerge as the winner is her own fault”.

According to them, the contestant from Grand Cape Mount exhibited nothing but total disrespect for the organizers in the course of the competition for which she should blame herself for losing out on the chance to represent Liberia in Manila, the Philippines.

“Miss Dagher was allowed to compete for this competition’s audition on a well-scrutinized process that no contestant was below the age of 18-year-old and the pageant rules also note that all contestants wanting to be a part of the event must perhaps be a University Student or may have graduated from Secondary School.

“Miss Folecia Dagher had failed all these criteria lately, after a check marking system and was only granted permission to go ahead in the Competition given the fact she was already out of High School,” La Entertainment said.

Concerning the organizers’ refusal to allow her entry to the after party at Cela Vi Entertainment Center was on account of her being underage.

LA Queen Entertainment responded to this by saying: “No one was allowed free entry at the bar, except the winners. Apart from that, all other members of LA Queen Entertainment and contestants of the Miss Earth Beauty Pageant were allowed to pay and refresh themselves. Miss Folecia was denied because of her refusing to pay and not on the attribution of age”.

The post further noted that Miss Dagher had been involved in series of outburst with the chief organizer for which they almost drop her from the competition but later granted her to perform in the final stage of the competition after she apologized.