Liberia: J Slught And Teddyride Musical Symbiosis Shifts “Oh My Love” Into The Pace Of A Leading Sound


MONROVIA – We are in the ninth month and the King of the Jungle is just releasing his first song of the year, after dropping a huge collaboration with The Street President Kpanto. It was hard to feel that the last time J Slught serenaded us with an official release was ten months ago and that’s because music lovers couldn’t get tired of listening to ‘Kill me’.

Written By Edwin Elic-Jaleiba, [email protected]

This week as been a very dramatic one for the Afro fusion star as a blog which  seemed to have been created by an enemy for the sole purpose of destroying J Slught’s image decided to spread a story that he died in a fatal motor accident. This news brought a heartbreak to millions of fans until J Slught took to Social media to calm the tension that  he is alive and he isn’t the one that sponsored such publicity to push his new banger with the very talented Teddyride.

‘Oh My Love’ is a song that should be studied in Universities across the world by professors and students of music departments. J Slught and Teddyride who are Kings of two different Musical Kingdoms , were able to sync their unique voices and energy into a masterpiece that illuminates the existence of love deeper than we have ever experienced it musically. The Song was produced by the magic fingers himself J Slught, but mixed and mastered by Masterkraft’s prodigy Stormatic. We actually didn’t see a J Slught and a Teddyride collaboration coming and that’s the most beautiful fact of why music lovers are so hyped about ‘Oh My Love’.

Teddyride is making the best out of 2022 with multiple bangers already as J Slught who didn’t bother rushing songs on his massive fanbase took his time because of his forthcoming debut album ‘Reflection’ and with great delight we are welcoming this ageless tune as a complete turnover for Liberian music globally.