Liberia: ‘DiamondOnline’ CEO Sheikh Mohammed Offers Insightful Thoughts on Importance of Blog, Educates Bloggers


A Blog is defined as 1. A website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks, videos, and photographs provided by the writer; also the contents of such a site. 2. A regular feature appearing as part of an online publication that typically relates to a particular topic and consists of articles and personal commentary by one or more authors. (Marian Webster Dictionary)

After understanding these two definitions, many of you will know that blogging is actually not what you’ve been thinking it is.

In today’s internet-based society, social media posts, comments, videos, pictures, documents, etc. which are made public on the internet are published by bloggers on their various websites with written stories.

Celebrities, Government officials, businessmen and women, etc. must be mindful of what they post on the internet because the reflection might have a negative or positive effect on their lives.

In the entertainment industry, bloggers play an integral role in making sure major happenings are reaching the public.

Entertainment is indeed a way of life, without entertainment, we won’t have relaxation or refreshment.  We (bloggers) must ensure that the Liberian Entertainment Industry should not be a boring one. It’s funny how the industry only becomes interesting when there’s an unnecessary beef between two artists.

It’s about time celebrities be made to watch what they post on the internet, who they mingle with, things they do in public and be careful with their utterances. A single line from a celebrity can make a story.

For too long, we’ve been seeing reckless and inappropriate posts and comments from people out.

Of Late, our team has embarked on a project to bring a new style of blogging to Liberia, We’ve hired professional writers who know how to use words to capture the audience, improve the influence these words have on the readers, stalk celebrities, listen to radio interviews and do creative writings which bring more engagements to our websites.

We want to assure all our fans and followers that henceforth, the days of Liberian Entertainment being boring are over! Brace yourself for stories you’ve never seen before. We will always keep you entertained because we are the only Diamond that’s always online.

Sheikh Mohammed is a young Liberian multiple awards winning blogger who sees entertainment as one of the most remarkable instruments that could be improve his country and transform the lives of the country’s talented artists.

Sheikh is a graduate of the Booker T. Booker Washington Institute in 2016 in Electronics, and a 2017 graduate of the NAYMOTE’s Young Political Leadership School (YPLS).

Sheikh was awarded the Community Service Award by Naymote Liberia, before being crowned the winner of the 2018 TunesLiberia Best Blog award as well as Fries FM Blogger of the Year.