International Music Group Established In Liberia


MONROVIA — Officially, Konde Visions, Inc. (KVI) a musical talented organization has announced its establishment in Liberia with the aim of promoting entertainment to the fullest in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the world at large.

 KVI is registered both in the United States of America and Liberia. It is a Liberian owned business founded by Jerome Suah, Also known as Younkonde and partners in the United States of America. Younkonde is a sensational artist who has produced conscious music since 1998 to present.

 Currently, (KVI) has taken its first major video project in Monrovia, Liberia. It’s a major project because it is disseminating a message to   Liberians and Sierra Leoneans, industries and music lovers who need to consume and turn the industries into middle class ones.

“Stand-up! Tune in and vibe to the conscious music of KVI as we join our brothers and sisters in Africa to promote our cultural heritage.”

 The video project song entitled “No Complaints” was produced by M’Posh; (KVI) signed artist and producer residing and representing the Konde Visions Inc. in Sierra Leone. M’Posh has already taken another giant engagement by participating in the Sierra Leonean House Mate competition.

 He is the sensational participant and gearing up to win the prestigious prize. This video shoot was done by Loveland Productions, directed by Wally Alicia Loveland (DJ Licia) and packaged by (KVI) Liberian-based network team Joseph Junior Teah aka TalkinSoldier, and Augustus Wolah.

 Hotel A-la lagune and its environment were used including the OZ Night Club. Konde Vision’s Inc. (KVI) is also partnering with Be Honest 3 (BH3) via its Founder and CEO Joseph Junior Teah to promote the Liberian rap culture, precisely the Liberian Rap battle Supremacy Kings Titles which has been under vigorous planning and slated for July 2022.

 “All of these are part of our contributions to societies, especially giving back to our homeland Mama Liberia. The Video Song Synopsis: “No Complaints” No Complaints is about a successful character who went through many difficulties and pains in life but maintained and persisted in every way possible, maneuvering and finally gaining success.

“Now that success has been achieved, no complaints because you don’t know my story. All the media platforms should anticipate and reach out to our team for massive awareness engagement.”