G-Rize Stresses Branding for Liberian Artistes


Monrovia – Despite being without a managerial team, Liberian born artiste G-Rize continues to shine his brand, stressing that it is important artistes in Liberia remain continually branded and on top of their game.

“It is very important to stay on top of your game because as an artist you are representing not just yourself but a whole culture and fan base,” he said. “People taking their time to check you out. At least give them something nice to come see or listen to.”

Born Augustus Cole, Jr. in Monrovia and later relocated to the United States, G-Rise, as he is known popularly by his moniker, says the future is his to grab as he remains the most branded Liberian artiste.

“I see myself doing a lot of big things,” he added. “I see myself on billboards and on big stages around the world.”

He stressed that it is pertinent that other artistes learn from him in order to shine and improve their brand because it becomes a stepping stone for them.

Known for chart topping tracks such as Bado, Show Me That, and Tumba, the Liberian artiste, father and husband says he envisions bigger things for his brand.

“I see myself building my own foundation to give back to communities. For that I move like the star I see myself as,” he added.

According to him, he works hard on maintaining his brand by doing photoshoots, videos, and working on his sense of style. “And also I stay on top of my game by keeping myself sharp so if someone sees and wants to work, they can be impressed and want to help me take what I have already to the next level.”

Cautioning his fellow artises in Liberia to take advantage of the internet and blowing their brand, he said it offers an insight on the latest trend. “The internet also helps me connect with my fans easier. Especially the people I want to work with.”