Former Miss Liberia 2012 to Host ‘Most Beautiful Girl in Liberia’ Pageant


Monrovia – Several young beautiful women, representing 10 of Liberia’s 15 counties on Monday toured the city of Monrovia and visited some of government institutions to create awareness about the upcoming “Most Beautiful of Liberia” beauty pageant.

The pageant, which is the first of its kind in the country, is organized by the Brigitte R. Rouhana, former Miss Liberia 2012 and also former Miss ECOWAS 2nd Runner-up 2012.

She is also the CEO and Director of Brigitte Modeling Agency and the Most Beautiful Girl in Liberia pageant. The pageant will be held on December 21, 2019, in Monrovia.

In a conversation with FrontPage Africa after the tour, Rouhana said her dream is to help young women “following her footsteps”.

“I think it’s time for me to make my dream a reality. Organizing the “Most Beautiful Girl in Liberia” pageant is something that I dreamt about, it happens in Ghana, Nigeria, and other places and the winner always go for the Miss Universe or Miss World pageant,” Rouhana said.

“I think Liberia should be part of that process and be on the international map as well. I took up this initiative to gather these young women and encourage them to be self-independent and know that they have talents and they are beautiful.”

Twelve contestants went through two auditions to be selected.  Rouhana said the pageant will be an annual event and that all of the 15 counties will be represented in future editions.

All 12 contestants on the day of the pageant will be presenting on each of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“The UN 2030 goal is important. Even though it is far; I think we should start now. This is not about the government and the UN, we all should get involved in promoting the SDGs,” Rouhana said.

“It has some great topic that these girls can work with and it will educate people in society. So, each contestant will be presenting on a particular SDGs.

“Since my time the spirit and momentum have died and it is all about us to awake the spirit. Liberia is a great country and we have beautiful women and girls and they are talented. I think it is about time we bring back the momentum of pageantry in Liberia. It is very important because it attracts tourists to Liberia,” she added.

According to her, foreign judges along with other international celebrities will be in the country to grace the occasion.

The former Miss Liberia 2012 says the first winner will receive cash and a brand new car, a trip to Dubai, a brand ambassador of a fashion line.

Earlier on, at one stop during the tour, a team from the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection headed by Deputy Minister Alice Johnson Howard received and praised the contestants for being eloquence in their introduction.

“You are not just representing a county. You are representing the entire country. From this step, you will see yourselves going to the international level,” Madam Howard admonishes the young contestants.

Also, during a stop  at the Central Bank of Liberia, the Director of Banking William G. Jlopleh, encouraged the young women to be productive. He pledged his entity moral and financial support to the pageant.

“When I was branch manager at UBA the Miss Liberia at the time which was Sonti Lafor as a market-drive and it paid off. So, anyone here can also get some opportunity. So, I want you to do your best,” Jlopleh said.