LINSU Presidential Aspirant Calls on Youth and Sports Minister to Halt the Union’s Ongoing Congress Activities across Liberia Over Alleged Constitutional Violations


MONROVIA- One of the aspirants vying for the Liberia National Students Union (LINSU) presidency, Eugene Tuan-Wleh Williams has called on Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson to take seize of the ongoing activities leading to LINSU’s congress. 

In a communication to Minister Wilson, Mr. Tuan-Wleh and his team called on the Ministry to place an injunction on the ongoing congress related activities of LINSU.

Mr. Tuan-Wleh called on the Minister to dissolve the current leadership of LINSU and take absolute control of the conduct of these elections, and set up an interim government immediately to work along the ministry to ensure these processes are not conducted under dubious, clandestine, and erroneously unconstitutional atmospheres

“We are calling on Minister Zeogar Wilson’s urgent intervention to place an injunction on the ongoing congress related activities of LINSU due to the illegitimacy of the current leadership to carry out such process around the country,” he said.

He further said: “Activities leading to the congress are being done within the confines and comforts of a countless number of Constitutional Violations, and as interest parties to the long-overdue LINSU’s Congress, we will not continue to sit and allow the continuous breaching of the organic laws of our Institution in our lifetime if our request is not given the needed attention.

According to him, the current leadership of LINSU has been in power since September 2018 and their leadership tenure has expired almost two years ago, in keeping with Article-VI, Section 3.5, and clause #17 of LINSU’s Constitution.

It states that, “The tenure of office for each member of the Executive Committee shall be two years. However, an officer may be re-elected …”

This portion of the Constitution has been violated since the past one year and five months, he said.

Team Tuan-Wleh, in their complaint stated that the Overstayed outgoing Leadership’s tenure got expired since September-2020, but they have been comfortably seated, while the Youth and Sports Ministry is doing business with them.

Citing several violations of the current leadership, Team Tuan-Wleh said Article-VII calls for all elections to be governed by the steering committee elected by congress, but for the past three to four years,  the leadership has not convene congress and a steering committee to conduct election.

For elections to be conducted, he said the constitution of LINSU calls for the national administrative council to meet quorum to discuss congressional matter in keeping with Article-VI, Sec-1, and clauses #13 of LINSU’s constitution.

“There has been no time the Congress under this leadership ever met to satisfy this portion of the Constitution,” he said.

He further said the recent appointment of Varney Jarsey as the chairman of LINSU Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC) in January at LINSU’s 70th anniversary also violated the constitution of LINSU in keeping with article-VII, clauses #2.

LINSU’s bylaw calls for the candidature period to begin at least a year before the congress and interested member of organization should submit their nominations to the Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC) at least two (2) months before the congress; then the congress preparatory committee must inform the eligible candidates at least two weeks before the congress.

The group, in its complaint to youth and sports Minister said they have not been abreast with adequate information relating to the actual date, guidelines, and timetables for the conduct of the congress and member institutions who may want to nominate candidates for the process are yet to be as to when they should submit their nominations in keeping with the Constitution.