Liberian Prelate Urges Graduates of African Dream Academy to Dream Big to Succeed


Monrovia – A Liberian prelate, Timothy Wulah, has advised the youths to take their destiny into their hands and dream big to succeed and impact their world.

Rev. Wulah, pastor of Friends In Covenant Church of the Nazarene in 

Sacramento, CA, where he’s been pastoring since August 2000, spoke at the graduation program of the African Dream Academy in Paynesville, an institution founded by Monsterrado District Six lawmaker Samuel Enders.

By Selma Lomax

At the program, he told the graduating class that it was clear “to anybody that the old equilibrium is unsettled and the rules of the old order no longer apply.  What is less clear is what happens next.”

“There’s no way you will not succeed if you work hard. Your dream should be to succeed and provide for your family. Dream of being a person who wants to succeed. It might involve many years of studying for those who will go to college, but note that you must work towards your dream. If you’re poor today, that is reason enough to dream of a better future. Are you living with another relative? Are you living on your own? Do you eat once a day? Whatever your response, understand that where you are today does not determine your future.  No matter what, you will never go wrong with a good education,” he said.

He added that the graduates should count themselves fortunate because, throughout recorded history, it is in times like this that men and women of talent and ability would write their names in gold for all generations to witness.

He said: “There are 36 of you here today: 20 women and 16 men. It would be good for all. As you ponder the answer to my question, here are 3 things I want you to do: 1. Admire the Right People. Everyone is geared up for college but not going to college is not a sign of failure. You can go to trade or vocational school, apprenticeship program and still 

succeed. Look around Liberia. Success doesn’t mean you have to be financially stable, have the most wealth and living with religious folks I’ll disagree with you.”

He pointed out the school’s mandate, which according to him, was to develop the leaders who will shape the future of our country and the world. 

He said: “Your visions for the future must not rest on the positions you aspire to or the ambitions you have for yourself alone. Your dreams must be about more than yourself because dreams that begin and end with your own prosperity alone are not enough for individuals as talented, bright, and capable as those graduating today. You are ordained for more than that. Do not sell yourself short by dreaming small dreams.

“As you raise your gaze from considerations of small things to focus on pursuing and achieving grand ambitions that lift us all and save the future, understand that the capabilities that brought you this far are not enough for where you want to go. 

“Your achievements, including today’s graduation, demonstrate your discipline and dedication.  Now you must prepare to do more than ever before.  Devote yourself to lifelong learning so your mind is never closed to the possibilities in your world.”