Liberia: SFAA-USA REMITS $16,994.05 USD to STC for 62 Students


Saints Friskies Alumni Association – USA (SFAA-USA), the organization that represents graduates and former students of St. Teresa’s Convent (STC) and St. Patrick’s High School (SPHS), continues to demonstrate what it means to give back to one’s alma mater. 

On Tuesday, April 2, 2019, SFAA-USA remitted the amount of $16,994.05 USD to STC as second semester payment for tuition and supplies for 62 girls benefitting from their Alumni-To-Student Sponsorship Program (A2S). This brings the total remittance for Academic Year 2018-2019 to $47,324.10 USD for 101 girls.

Since launching the A2S Program in August 2017, SFAA-USA has remitted a total of $71,469.11 USD for tuition and supplies for 101 girls at STC. The success of this program is due to the generous donations of graduates, former students, family, friends, supporters and corporations. The A2S Program matches eligible students with sponsors for academic financial support. 

“By any measure, this is a substantial amount of money we’ve raised in less than 2 years for the education of girls at STC. I am so proud of the commitment of all of our A2S sponsors and will remain eternally grateful”, Mr. Koffa said.

The organization’s strategy for growing the program beyond the support from alumni and others in the US is coming to fruition. SFAA-Liberia, the Liberia branch of SFAA was reconstituted last year under an interim leadership and held elections of officers in February 2019.

“One of the promises I made after taking over leadership of SFAA-USA was to re-establish an active chapter in Liberia. I always believed we will be more effective with an active branch in Liberia”, said Mr. Koffa.  “For this to happen I made an urgent appeal to Varmunyah Sherif, a 1973 graduate of SPHS, to help in this regard. And I’m glad I did. Through Varmunyah’s exemplary leadership, we now have an active branch in Liberia known as Saints Friskies Alumni Association – Liberia (SFAA-Liberia),” Mr. Koffa noted with excitement.

Mr. Koffa reminded us that the most ambitious goal on their agenda is the rebuilding of SPHS. When he first mentioned this in May 2017, achieving this goal seemed farfetched. Challenges over the last 25 years discouraged many and stalled their dream. But that is no longer the case. With renewed energy infused in the organization under the leadership of Mr. Koffa, it now appears the organization will be able to achieve what once seemed an unattainable goal.

In December 2017, Mr. Koffa lead a delegation of SFAA-USA members on a 2-week visit to Liberia. During that period the delegation, along with members of SFAA-Liberia, broke ground at the site in King Gray community where SPHS will be built. Those participating in the groundbreaking ceremony included Archbishop Lewis Zeigler, members of the Catholic Secretariat, members of both SFAA-USA and SFAA-Liberia and Sister Evelina, Principal of STC. They have since obtained a construction permit from the Ministry of Public Works and are close to getting a construction certificate from the city of Paynesville so that construction can begin.

“A lot of credit goes to members of SFAA-Liberia for planning and executing the groundbreaking ceremony. It would have been very difficult to take this step without their role”, Mr. Koffa said. “And this is not all they did during our visit. They also held our first annual fundraising dinner in Monrovia which raised approximately $60,000.00 USD in cash and pledges.” For more information about Saints Friskies Alumni Association, visit their website at You can also visit them on social media at (SFAA-USA)  and (SFAA-Liberia).