Liberia: Margibi Representative Breaks Ground for US$105K Primary Schools, Town Hall Constructions


Gibi District, Margibi – Margibi County District# 5 Representative Clarence G. Gahr over the weekend broke grounds for the construction of US$105,000 projects for the constructions of two primary schools and a town hall in Gibi District and Borlola Township.

By Yawah Y. Jaivey in Margibi County

The two proposed schools with construction costs placed at US$80,000 are evolving projects that were captured by the citizens for implementation at their district development sitting. This amount is the district’s share of the US$750,000 China Union Social Development Fund debts received from China Union by the Margibi County Authority.

Making remarks at the official launch of the Kollie-Dede Town primary school in Gbarfen Clan in Gibi District, Rep. Gahr said the kickoff of the project was the beginning of the joy of residents of Kollie-Dede Town and its environs who have over the years been yielding for a school.

“Since my ascendency, the people of Kollie-Dede Town have always reminded me that in order for our community to prosper, it depends on the preparation of our children through education. For me as a leader, I agree to the need to have a school here for our children. I must appreciate the local leaders and elders of this district for agreeing to erect a school in this community,” Rep. Gahr said.

The Margibi County District# 5 Representative disclosed that US$40,000 has been apportioned for the construction of the six-classroom school building, including an office compartment which will go for the duration of four months.

Speaking on behalf of the jubilant residents of Kollie-Dede Town, Mr. Ben Carter, an elder of the community, said his people were overwhelmed to see that their long anticipated dream to have a modern primary school for the over 500 school-going children would soon be actualized.

“We are happy because our children hopefully will start to use a modern school facility and not that makeshift structure they been using as school building”, Mr. Carter said.

Mr. Carter pledged the citizens’ support to aid the contractors with security and some local available materials.

Rep. Gahr displaying the blueprint of a US$25,000 modern town hall project at the launch in Lonfay Town

Also speaking, the District Education Officer (DEO) of Gibi District, Mr. George K. Mambu, said for Rep. Gahr and the local leadership of electoral district #5 to have selected the Kollie-Dede Town Public School from amongst the 41 existing public schools in Gibi District, was a blessing, adding “There is a need for the locals to take ownership of the project.

“Taking ownership means you need to start looking at the project with your eyes, work along with the contractors, and you should not build houses out of the project,” Mr. Mambu urged the locals.

US$25K Town Hall in Lonfay Town

At the same time, Rep. Gahr on Saturday was joined by other local officials to launch a US$25,000 modern town hall project for the people of Lonfay Town in Borlola Township.

Rep. Gahr reminded the gathering of citizens of Lonfay Town that the construction of the town hall was a fulfillment of his pledge which he had earlier promised during the 2017 elections campaign activities in the district.

“For this project, let it be made clear for the record that the job you gave me, the salary I am taking is some that I am bringing back to do the project. This is not government or China Union money; this is my own money and this is my way of telling the people of Lonfay Town thank you!” Rep. Gahr clarified.

Displaying the project’s blueprint, the Margibi County lawmaker revealed that the town hall project upon completion will comprise a corridor, two restrooms (male and female) and two offices. He promised to provide chairs, a television set and a generator for the entertainment of the town residents.

He reiterated his continuous commitment in fostering the development needs of the district.

Mr. Mark D. Kontoe, speaking on behalf of the people of Lonfay Town, extended gratitude to their district lawmaker for initiating a modern town hall project in their area which is the first of its kind since the establishment of the town that has the population of over 300 residents.

He told this newspaper that his people remain committed to see the realization of the project. He stated that the town’s inhabitants have already voluntarily molded the needed concrete bricks for the project.

Rep. Gahr lawmaker also on Saturday broke grounds for a US$40,000 reconstruction of the Gaylayla Public School in Borlola Township.

The construction works on the Gaylayla school’s building (six classrooms and one office), according to Rep. Gahr, will last for four months period, disclosing that the project is being sourced by allotment from the China Union Social Development Fund.

For his part, Borlola Township Commissioner, James Weetor termed the project as a total liberation for the hundreds of kids of the community who have over the years schooled under a dilapidated structure that in the latter part of the 2019/2020 school year became a ‘death trap’.

He craved the citizens’ supports for the projects in the areas of providing some locally available building materials and ensured that the performance of the contractors is monitored in order for the right things to be done.