No, Cllr. Jerome Korkoya, You’re Accountable to Liberians


APPEARING ON THE STAND BEFORE Supreme Court Justice-in-Chamber, His Honor Phillip A.Z. Banks, to wade himself through the kinks of accusations of possessing an American passport, Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya made a monumental but deliberate blunder, which is a trait in many officials of government whose support come at the expense of tax payers.

“LET ME SAY THAT A PRIVATE citizen cannot question me on this matter rather it should be the Attorney General,” stated Cllr. Korkoya.

IN THE GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE of a state, accountability plays a key role. When leaders are accountable to the people and/or demonstrate accountability, it erases fear of mistrust and distrust.

LEADERS FROM THE FOUNDING of Liberia till present still feel that they have no obligation to the people. It can be seen in nearly every sector of the governance structure. They steal and pillage the resources of the country but answer to no one. Sometimes personal responsibility is taken, vouching to place head on “chopping board.”

THAT ACCOUNTABILITY IS A BEAUTIFUL maiden which has not been sought after by many a suitor, saw the deaths of over 4,000 Liberians who, following announcement of the outbreak of the disease in Lofa, saw it as a scheme by policymakers to get undeserved money from donors.

AND SADLY, THAT WE HAVE not also held those who committed heinous atrocities during the civil crises but have instead being voted to public office show the level of intelligence of the people.

THE STATEMENT BY CLLR. KORKOYA calls for a lot of introspection on his part. For, he heads an institution of integrity; and as enshrined in the requirements of the Elections Law to be considered for an appointment to the board of commissioners of the National Elections Commission, it’s incumbent upon everyone on the board to be to accountable to the public and of stellar integrity.

KORKOYA’S ASSERTION AND filibustering when his integrity and credibility are being rocked in a boat of serious flip-flops on the state of affairs of the elections in October and his alleged possession of an American passport, will keep him in the spotlight for a very long period.

WHO ARE THE PRIVATE CITIZENS that Cllr. Korkoya is not answerable to? Are they not Liberians? Do they not pay taxes which are then used to fund the National Elections Commission to carry out the electoral process? Do they not have stake in the affairs and conduct of their country? Do they not have kids and grandchildren and is it not within the realm of their aspirations to leave behind a country of calm and tranquility for their generations yet unborn?

THAT A PUBLIC FIGURE FEELS he/she isn’t accountable to private citizens also means he/she is not accountable to the Legislators because they are a direct representation of the people.