Liberia: If Your Allegations of Ritualistic Killings Are Real, Come Out and Help the Police


REPORTS OF RITUALISTIC killings on social media in recent time have been very alarming and has instilled fear in residents of Monrovia and other parts of the country.

TWO OF SUCH REPORTS on social media include that of a lady who claimed to have boarded a commercial motorcycle at Du Port Road Junction in Paynesville but she was hypnotized by a second passenger taken by the rider who sat behind her and wiped a white handkerchief on her face.

IN HER NARRATION, she was taken into a building around the Coca-Cola Factory area in Paynesville where she saw other women who were kidnapped for the purpose of sacrifice.

SHE SAID WHILE THERE, other women were killed and parts were taken from their bodies with instruments she saw laying on a table.

SHE SAID, she was saved by her menses. According to her, when it her turn to be slaughtered, they discovered she was within her cycle and one of them said, “My man why you brought this type of chicken here? Don’t you know we cannot use this kind of chicken?”

SHE SAID that was when they put her out of the building.

ANOTHER ALLEGED victim said he was kidnapped in a Keh-keh in Caldwell and later taken to Gbartala to be killed but managed to escape.

ACCORDING to the Inspector General of Police, they have been searching for the lady who was allegedly kidnapped in Paynesville to assist the police with investigation but to no avail.

ALSO, JUSTICE MINISTER and Attorney General Cllr. Musa Dean informed FrontPageAfrica that most of those claiming to have been kidnapped are not coming forth to help the police with investigations.

HE MADE SPECIFIC reference to one Solomon, who claimed to have been allegedly kidnapped from Caldwell and taken to Gbartala, Bong County.

Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue recently informed the public that the information provided to the police by Solomon was false and misleading.

PHONE RECORDS which were subpoenaed by the police show that the alleged victim never left Montserrado County all during his alleged kidnapping tale.

ACCORDING TO THE RECORDS quoted by the IG, Solomon was in Clara Town, Vai Town, New Kru Town, among other places, throughout during his alleged ordeal when he claimed he was kidnapped in Caldwell and taken to Gbartala, Bong County.

HE HAS SINCE failed to show up to assist the police with investigation.

THE POLICE CLAIM most of these allegations coming up are concocted efforts of unscrupulous individuals to malign the image of the police and the government.

REPORTS OF KIDNAPPING and ritualistic killings are very grave matters that need the utmost attention and swift investigation.

THE EFFECTS, if not curtailed, are far reaching and has the propensity to isolate the country from potential investors and drag the country into chaos.

THAT IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT that those claiming to be victims have to build confidence in the justice system, come out and assist the police with investigation to bring perpetrators of these acts to justice.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if these allegations were doctored merely to impugn the safety of the state, then we must all stand up and condemn this action.

WE MUST NOT let a handful of individuals with ulterior motives bring the country to international disrepute. If these allegations of ritualistic killings are lies, we must condemn it in the strongest terms.