Unity Party USA expresses concerned about Integrity in December 8 Senatorial Elections


MONROVIA – Chairman Kerper Dwanyen of the Unity Party USA and Canada has expressed concerns about the integrity of the upcoming elections due to the exposure of serious irregularities in the voter register update process where piles of voter cards are being amassed by political actors for nefarious use and the discoveries of multiple cards belonging to single individuals.

According to him, these are clearly criminal violations of law and the Weah-led government has a duty to prosecute the perpetrators. Failure to do so is complicity in these actions which have the propensity to bring about national strife and disunity that threatens the peace and stability Liberians have come to enjoy.

Chairman Dwanyen also frowned on the wave of election related violence and calls on the state security agencies to exercise fidelity to their constitutional obligation to enforce the laws of the land without fear or favor in a manner that will engender confidence in the public and ensure the safety of candidates.

 “Nobody has the right to impose their will on the Liberian population and electoral processes through violence, intimidation or fraud”, Chairman Dwanyen stated. He also cautioned Liberians to learn from the painful history brought about by election rigging and political violence.

“The Elections Commission must understand its sacred obligation to the people’s democracy and rise up to the challenge. Liberians from all walks of life are eager to exercise their democratic franchise consistent with the rule of law and are not prepared to accept disenfranchisement,” he further stated.

Chairman Kerper Dwanyen used the occasion to call on all political parties, civil society organizations, religious institutions and the international community to actively engage the process to ensure that it is free and fair. The Liberian people deserve nothing less, he concluded.