SFAA Remits $11K to STC As 2nd Semester Payment For 34 Students


Washington DC –  As a demonstration of their commitment to provide continuous educational assistance for the girls at St. Teresa’s Convent, Saints Friskies Alumni Association (SFAA), the organization that represents graduates and former students of St. Patrick’s High School (SPHS) and St. Teresa’s Convent (STC), remitted $10,892.55 to STC on Thursday, March 1, 2018.

This remittance covers second semester payment for tuition and supplies for thirty-four (34) girls benefiting from SFAA’s Alumni-to-Student Sponsorship Program (A2S) and bonuses for three outstanding teachers. 

A2S is a program that pairs sponsors, who include graduates, former students, friends and family, with eligible students for academic sponsorship at STC. 

With this payment, SFAA has remitted a total of $24,145.01 to STC for the sponsorship of fifty-one (51) girls for Academic Year 2017 – 2018.

This is a clear indication that SFAA is meeting the goals set by the current leadership after they were elected in May 2017 at their convention in Washington, DC.

“With this program we are not only fulfilling a promise, but it is having a direct positive impact on the lives of the girls at STC, and by extension, their parents and the institution,” said Stephen Koffa, President of Saints Friskies Alumni Association.

“Through letters, videos, face-to-face meetings, and phone conversations, parents, teachers and administrators have expressed their gratitude for the financial relief this type of support provides for both the students and the institution,” Mr. Koffa noted.

According to Mr. Koffa, support for the girls will not end with this academic year.

“Our A2S program relies heavily on sponsors, so it is designed to make sponsor recruitment less challenging.

It is a year-to-year commitment, and sponsors can opt-in or opt-out at any time of their choosing.

We are already recruiting sponsors for the upcoming academic year, 2018-2019, with a goal to double our sponsorship to support 100 girls. We estimate it will cost $50,000.”

In May 2017, Mr. Koffa stressed that under his administration, SFAA will live up to it’s purpose so that whenever the essential question is asked, any member or supporter of the organization will be proud to explain what the organization is doing for the students at their alma mater.

The support for their alma mater does not end with the A2S Program. Here is how Mr. Koffa describes another significant challenge on their agenda:

“Now that our A2S program is off the ground and running, we are turning our focus on the rebuilding and reopening of St Patrick’s High School.

This is by far the most challenging on our agenda, but I believe with careful planning, smart strategy and meaningful partnerships, we can achieve this goal.

We are currently staffing our Rebuild St. Patrick’s committee and will be making a formal announcement of the establishment of this committee shortly. The committee will include officers, members and advisors living in the USA and Liberia.”

For more information on Saints Friskies Alumni Association, you can visit website, or contact: [email protected].