Liberia’s Mandingo Diaspora Elects First Female President


The largest Mandingo Association in America called Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the United States of America, following months of bickering and grueling election campaign season between two formidable camps each having a female Presidential candidate, has elected Ms. Tuma Fofana.

Tuma is a humanitarian and Philanthropist with organizations and humanitarian sponsorship in Liberia including Tuma Foundation and Basket of Hope Global for girls and boys. A strong voice and champion for women’s rights, Ms. Fofana became the victor as a result of her over a decade work in the Liberian Mandingo Community both at home and abroad.

According to many observers, this year’s convention turned out to be one of the best and most attended with over 300 delegates from 16 official chapters converged at Akber and Shah Wellington Event Center 2077 beaver ruin road suite 180 norcross Georgia 30071.

Participants at years event included majority women, elders , former leaders and accredited delegation from each membership chapter state.

Felmausa has existed for thirteen years and has contributed to education in Liberia and medical missions undertaken with the aim of bringing medical relief to vulnerable Liberians, and the organization’s biggest initiative came during the Ebola crisis when it delivered more than $1.5 million dollars worth of medical supplies and equipment to the Government and people of Liberia.

That said, FELMAUSA, before now, had been bulged down by lots of internal wrangling and squabble to the extent that its relevance and mission were fast eroding.

That is why most if not all members of this communitywide organization and some observers are of the opinion that this election should be seen as a watershed opportunity for the normalization and return of peace, unity, and development to one of the biggest Diaspora based Liberian organizations in the United States.

Nearly 200 accredited delegates voted during the election and overwhelming majority voted Tuma Fofana.

During her victory speech immediately following the official announcement of results, she thanked everyone who attended this year convention and called for reconciliation, unity, togetherness, teamwork, full commitment and accountability. She extended her hands and olive branch of friendship to sister Hawa Kromah Kone and expressed the Incoming administration willingness as well as preparedness for inclusivity at all levels of FELMAUSA.  President-elect Fofana concluded that she will do everything humanly possible to ensure the Organization works properly for all, and called on everyone to bury the hatchet, recommit themselves to making “our institution takes its rightful place and begin tackling the many outstanding challenges the Liberian Mandingoes are faced with”.

Those elected as members of Team Tuma Fofana include brother So Jabateh as Vice President for Administration, Mohamed Koshia -Secretary General, and Mayesa Camara- Treasurer. Others are Ansou Komara- Financial Secretary and Mohamed sheriff, Assistant Secretary.