Liberians in Holland Elect New Leadership for 2 Years


The Netherlands – Members of the Liberian Community residing in the Netherlands under the banner the Liberian Association in the Netherlands(LAN) have elected a new corps of officers for a two year term. Those elected were; Madam Mildred Scholte, President, Madam Mamie Free, Vice President, Madam Lovetee Fayiah De Wert, General Secretary and Mr. Anthony R. Morwon, Treasurer.

The Chairperson of the Election Commission, Madam Patience Barway, said the aims and objectives of the commission was to ensure a free, fair and transparent election so as to unite Liberians living in the Netherlands.

Madam Barway expressed joy over the level of cordiality and unity that existed among Liberians before, during and after the election. She encouraged every Liberian living in the Netherlands to lend  support to the new leadership so as to spew development in the community and back home in Liberia.

The two Liberian organizations in the Netherlands, the Liberian Association in the Netherlands(LAN) and the Liberian Association in Holland(LAH) which was organized in 1994 joined together as one organization to run the election. The two groups have joined resources and have agreed to work together in unity and promotes development.

The association aims to unite Liberians from diverse backgrounds, social, cultural and political, if any thus enhancing and promoting their social-economic well-being of its members and promote their Liberian cultural heritage. The organization aims to achieve a singular goal of uniting all Liberians under one umbrella across the Netherlands.

The President-elect of the Liberian Association in the Netherlands(LAN) Madam Mildred Scholte extolled her colleagues who worked tirelessly to ensure the conduct of a free, credible and transparent election that brought togrther hundreds of Liberia from across the country.

She called on members of the Liberian community to work together in the implementation of programs and activities that will develop their community, respect the laws of their host country and extend development programs to their dear Mama Liberia.

There are close to about 4,000( Four Thousand) Liberians residing in the Netherlands.