Liberian Serves as Valedictorian of DeVry University; Urges Fellows from African Countries to Positively Impact the Continent


USA – Flomo Giovinni Kezele, a Liberian who is the 2020 Valedictorian of Delvry Graduate Program has expressed the importance for graduates of higher education to use their qualities to transform not only their environments, but the world at large.

In his valediction address on Sunday, July 19, during an online graduation of Keller Graduate School in the USA, Kezele said professional of his kind, pursuing quality education, must take up the challenge to change their various countries positively.

This, according to him, is based on the fact that not many persons in underdeveloped countries will have the chance of pursuing higher education, therefore, the need to provide them space in such direction is important.

DeVry University serves a population of diverse cultures with different nationalities from around the world.

Students who graduate from the university are from different nations from around the world.

“Where I come from, education is considered a privilege and not for the masses. However, my father made it possible for me to be where I am today,” Kezele asserted.

“I am from the first black independent nation of Africa, Liberia, where its President, George Mannah Weah, is also a 2013 graduate of Delvry University,” as he emphasized the need that graduates of such institution must be uncompromising.

Kezele said his comment about President Weah stands from the facts that being a graduate from Delvry must surely reflect ‘clarity and distinction’ of the education one has obtained from the USA-based institution.

As graduate of such a prestigious university, Kezele who obtained a double Master Degrees in Finance (MBA) and Public Administration (MPA) from Keller Graduate School said it was time that professional should not just focus on satisfying their financial egos, but to set a stage that will bring about the necessary change.

“We are agents of transformation, so let us not just focus on obtaining a good paid job, to fulfill our financial goals. Let us focus on making this world, safe and a place of equality, and setting to stage that will change the trajectory of our nations and the world at large,” Kezele averred.

He further noted that there can be no doubt that it has been an individual dream to be where he is, and to see one of his life’s goals become reality.

However, according to him, it has also been the dream of families, friends, and our professors to see graduates of the school walk out of university successfully and ready for the future.

Therefor, cautioning graduates of the institution, he said: “As we leave today, let us bear in minds that the as we become influential, the more our lives will reflect the clarity and distinction of the education we have received from Delvry University.”

“As we go into the world, we should note that nothing comes easily, success comes with time faith, willingness, hardwork, honest, commitment, loyalty and perseverance.”

Flomo Kezele is the son of the late Rt. Col. Moses M. Kezele, Sr., of the Arm Forces, who he said never rest in ensuring that he obtain quality education while alive.

In addition to his two Masters Degresd, Kezele holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and is currently and Candidate of Doctor of Public Administration (DPA).

As valedictorian, he was awarded the Valedictorian Award and Perseverance Award at the graduation ceremony.