Liberian Immigrants Promoting Gospel in Minnesota


Minnesota, USA – Drumming and dance animated the grounds of Ebenezer Community Church as their newly 2.8 million dollars constructed building was dedicated and officially opened recently.

This is the first time for Liberian immigrants in Minnesota, USA headed by a Liberian Pastor to build a sanctuary worth such amount. The project which lasted several years was successful through contributions, fund raising and a loan.

Beaming with smiles the Pastor of the Church Rev. Dr. Francis O.S. Tabla , Sr. showered praises on God ,  church members, friendly churches and supporters for making his ministry realized its dream.

Rev. Dr. Tabla said ,about twelve years ago, God blessed the church and they  purchased a 4.3- acre land at $745,00.00 (seven hundred and forty-five thousand dollars) in January of 2006 .

He admitted that it was challenging and the project prolonged because it was met with unforeseen circumstances that hindered them but stood committed to the church project and God.

Dr. Tabla also said they had to regroup and work towards paying off the mortgage on the land in September of 2013.  On June 7th 2015 he said a formal ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the first phase of the building project started.

Dr. Tabla said the church remains ever convinced that Ebenezer is the Lord’s doing and they as a church is committed to the purpose of being a body of believers that love God , care for each other, and are on mission at home and abroad.

The giant size building is not the only unique attraction to the Ebenezer Community Church ministry, but it is a church were everybody is somebody and scores of people have found purpose and meaning of life, people have utilized their ability gifts, talents to the glory of God.

The church has also been a medium where hundreds of people have   come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and rededicated their lives to Jesus.

God is greatly using Ebenezer Community Church to strengthen marriages that were at the verge of breakdown to be restored while scores of people have found purpose and meaning of life, healed from the brokenness and wounds they experienced on a daily basis.

Rev. Dr. Tabla commended members of the church for their faithfulness and prayers, financial support and encouragement that has helped to make the project possible and called on them to keep it up.

Making remarks at the program was Liberia’s Consul General for the Midwest, Jackson George, Jr.  Who on behalf of the government of Liberia appreciated their church for their initiative.

Said Mr. George “This is an extraordinary day for Ebenezer, and we rejoice with you, we exalt the Almighty God with you and we will surely take away the message that Perseverance amidst faith yield success”.

According to Mr. George, perseverance is one of the key to success, and the ability to keep on, especially when people efforts are met with disappointments, changes, and failures, but the church “Ebenezer”, made all the difference in the world to produce success.

The Liberian envoy used the occasion to admonish Liberians to press forward on their goals saying it leads to achievement.

“I leave you today with the message that amid our instant gratification, short attention-span, and multitasking world; let us not lose sight of two core elements, Faith and Perseverance”.

The Liberian Consul General for the Midwest said, the government and people of Liberia are proud Ebenezer Church members and leadership.

In a short sermon the guest preacher Rev. Dr. Jim Somerville of the Richmond’s First Baptist Church, Virginia challenged members to continue winning more souls for God and spreading the message of Jesus Christ across their world regardless of their status.

The formal dedication ceremony was witnessed by several churches and friends from around the world including the Wisconsin Baptist convention, Liberian Gospel Ministers Association, USA, Churches, and individuals who also came from Liberia amongst other countries.

Nathan P. Charles, News Contributor