Liberian Authors New Book Underscoring the Significance of Early Childhood Education

The book is written in an engaging style, and provides practical examples of authentic instructional best practices that Liberia can benefit from

Delaware-based Liberian native has authored her debut book, focusing primarily on the need for free and compulsory early childhood education in Liberia. Massa Dopoh’s Evidence-based Intervention Approach to Addressing Early Childhood in Liberia: The Importance of Utilizing Family Systems Theory presents current realities and research-based information on the critical need to provide top-quality early education to all Liberian children. This, she believes, will pave the way to success in school and in life.  

The book is written in an engaging style, and provides practical examples of authentic instructional best practices that Liberia can benefit from. It explores the country’s approach to early childhood education, presenting comparative analyses and success stories, backed by sound recommendations for adoption by the Liberian government. Massa’s strong coverage of contemporary topics and issues distinguishes her book from other early childhood education texts focusing on the Liberian education system. 

As you are probably aware, Liberia’s 14 years of sporadic civil war left the country with a defenseless educational system on which the next generation of Liberians depend. Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in a February 2013 statement, branded the country’s education sector a “mess”, requiring a complete overhaul. This disclosure came ten years after the guns had fallen silent, further exposing the appalling state of the country’s educational system. Sadly, today, the sector continues to grapple with mending its credibility, and effectiveness.  

Thus, to restore sanity to this current education “mess”, Massa stresses the need to make early childhood education a key curriculum item. This, she says, will “not only strengthen the growth and productivity of the [country’s] education sector”.  It will enhance “the personal and social development of the country’s next generation—the children.”

“[There] is no doubt that the implementation of early childhood education in Liberia could break the vicious cycle of intergenerational poverty faced by millions of Liberians today,” Massa notes. 

Her Inspiration

Throughout her early childhood and teenage years, Massa was exposed to witness a bloody civil war being fought in her native land, instead of being in school. No wonder she’s uber passionate about affording Liberian children a chance to “learn”—an opportunity she was denied due to a raging civil war in her country. 

Massa’s book can be pre-ordered on Amazon. If you are a Kindle user, it will cost you only $10 to access this invaluable resource. Both Kindle and Hardcopies will be available for purchase on February 25, 2020, on Amazon.