Liberian Association in Indiana Prexy Calls for Unity among Liberians

Mr. Rufus Tartee (3rd from right) along with other officials after a Sunday thanksgiving service

Monrovia – The newly-elected president of Liberians under the banner, Association of Liberians in Indiana, USA, has stressed the need for unity among Liberians residing in that part of the US. 

Mr. Rufus Tartee, who recently won the leadership election, called on his fellow Liberians to also respect the rule of law wherever they are residing. Mr. Tartee said by doing so their home country’s image would be boosted in their present places of residence outside their home country. 

He further told his countrymen and women that holding the rule of law sacrosanct, will foster peace and  development within the association and this will have significant impact on their lives in America and Liberia. 

He admonished every Liberian residing in the US and other places around the world, to abide the laws of those places so that Liberia’s image can be boosted. 

On his administration’s focus, he told his newspaper that he will pay keen attention on charity for his countrymen and women back home. 

“We Liberians in Indiana will also do our best to provide whatever little we can for the children of Liberia,” he said. 

He promised to work cordially with other members in the association’s leadership so that the needs of Liberians back home will be met. 

Tartee also vowed to seek the welfare of his fellow Liberians residing in that US State of Indiana.

“My fellow Liberians in Indiana reposed their confidence in me so my first priority will be to seek their welfare in the State of Indiana,” he said.

Tartee was elected along with three others were elected to steer the ship of affairs for the next two years for Liberians residing in Indiana, US.

The head of the Association of Liberians in Indiana is never far from home as he regularly visits his folks back in Liberia. In the 2017 Presidential and General Elections, he contested for the position of   representative in Bong County’s District #7 and lost. 

His family’s humanitarian work has impacted lots of Liberians in his home district and other places in Bong County. His wife, Mrs. Ruth Clarke Tartee, who is works as a Registered Nurse in the Indianapolis, supports her husband’s endeavors.

Others elected along with Tartee to head the leadership are Meko Kokeh, VP, Nyan Vululleh, Gen. Secretary and Isabella Nigbeh, Financial Secretary.