Liberian-American Development Corporation Launched to Help Rebuild Liberia


Yeadon PA – Prominent Liberian immigrants in the United States have launched a high-leveled partnership group seeking to mobilize resources towards the reconstruction of Liberia through a series of comprehensive and strategic development programs. 

The newly-launched Liberian-American Development Corporation (LADC) is headed by a board of renowned experts and former Liberian statesmen led by its founding chairman, Amb. J. Rudolph Johnson, a former Foreign Minister of Liberia. 

In a press release, the group declared that they felt “a moral obligation” to do the utmost to assist in reviving their ancestral homeland. With a membership consisting mainly of Liberians who fled deadly violence and resettled in the United States, the Corporation plans to foster friendly ties and fruitful cooperation with key segments of American society while promoting excellent relations among its members and partners at home and abroad.

LADC Chairman J. Rudolph Johnson noted that that the organization is directing its focus on a systematic approach to mitigate the devastating consequences of the country’s 14-year long armed conflict, made worse by the Ebola epidemic of 2014-2015 and by the decline in Liberia’s commodity prices. 

In its mission document, the Corporation lists Health, Education, and Agriculture as the key sectors of their initial emphasis. They plan to undertake, among other initiatives, regular fundraising drives to ensure the successful attainment of their objective “to help expedite the nation’s development, by focusing on self-sufficiency in the near term, especially in food production.”