Journalists for Change in America Welcomes FBI Probe of Senator Prince Johnson


Philadelphia, USA – A group of Liberian journalists in the United States and Liberia say it welcome ongoing investigation by agents of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) into atrocities committed by Nimba County Senator and warlord Prince Johnson during the country’s civil crisis.

The group under the banner Journalists For Change (JFC) said the ongoing investigations  is not only in the right direction, but one that further seeks to strengthen the peace, reconciliation and justice for victims in post war Liberia.

Prince Johnson, a notorious war criminal led the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) that witnessed the execution of former Liberian President Samuel Doe and hundreds of peaceful civilians as well as the destruction of valuable properties.

The release quotes the Journalist group as saying that the ongoing FBI investigation presents an end of the road era for Senator Johnson who is also being indicted in the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report (TRC).

As part of ongoing investigation, the group said it has begun holding discussions with US authorities aimed at aiding ongoing investigation leading to a positive indictment against the war-lord now turned Senator.

The collaboration include aiding and identifying victims, massacre sites, as well as the provision of substantial photo evidence of events and places, the group said in a statement.

Like Prince Johnson and others who bear greater responsibility for the country’s crisis, the group said it would continue supporting and advocating with international bodies towards the attaining of justice, peace and reconciliation.

Emerging from 15 years of civil crisis, JFC said there can be no sustained development, reconciliation and peace without holding war- criminals accountable for their actions.

The group further commended the international community and other human rights institutions for their continuous effort in bringing to justice individuals deemed as war criminals and human right violators.

The group further calls on all like-minded organizations and individuals to join and corporate with the ongoing aimed at bringing to an end injustice and human right violations in Liberia.