Gospel Recording Artist Jada Osabu Unveils 3rd Studio Album


New Jersey – Blessings have come in all forms for Jada Mayson Osabu, whose third studio album, “Jesus Iid it All” follows an electrifying trend that continues to increase her fanbase as one of the biggest music talents out of her homeland, Liberia.

Report by Rodney D. Sieh, [email protected]

“It’s been a blessing for me personally to pour out what God has given me with the world,” she says.

She describes the title from the first single, “What Will You Do”, as a celebratory song that encourages all to behave the way we would once the Lord has answered our prayers.

“Because the Lord has already done it All for his children, we should rejoice and shout for joy Now even though we may not see the answers with our natural eyes.”

Jada, also an attorney at law, began her music career as early as she can remember due to her love of music and singing.

“I’ve always sang and written songs from my very earliest memory.”

In 2006, she caught a break. “Musa Shannon encouraged me to record an album. His support and encouragement was the catalyst to my first album ‘Remember the Blood.”

Despite the warm reception which greeted her first two albums, Jada says, this one is special. 

“It is so special to me because I received instructions from God to write songs that would glorify him and not any situation. It was also given to me after tremendous amount of tragedy in my family.”

Jada hopes that her fans would be encouraged, uplifted and revived.

“I want them to be blessed and recognize that the Lord can do all things and in fact has done all things. I wanted a happy, joyful celebratory song that reflects my African background. It tells people to praise God in advance for the breakthrough and increase and expansion.”

Jada’s regular job as a defense attorney has seen her involved in researching International law jurisprudence on reproductive rights and their applicability to the right to meaningful access to reproductive rights in the United States.

She also helped to write a section for an amicus brief which was submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States.

She has also contributed to researches on Human Rights law in the Inter-American Court and various UN treaty bodies related to the issue of human trafficking for purposes of migration.

But she credits much of the inspiration to her latest recording to divine intervention.

“God has already finished it all for us on Calvary. No need to look further because everything we need is in Jesus!!”

She adds: “I really didn’t come up with the album, the Lord gave it to me. 

He instructed me to write songs that glorified His name. He placed amazing producers in Justprince and Mr. O, Onome Ovwori to help bring my vision to fruition.

This album was ordained by God for his people.”

The entire album took five months to complete but the singer says the process was inspiring.

“By the grace of God, I am able to write songs fairly quickly because the Lord literally drops a melody and words into my spirit.

I wrote each song in about an hour and the producers took a couple of days to prepare the track. We would record one or two songs a day.”

Spiritually, she adds: “This is a declaration of our freedom as children of God. The music reinforces the word of God to us.

It reminds us that we are unstoppable because our father in heaven cannot be stopped. Our spirits will be lifted, encouraged and revived because of the ministration through songs.”