Dwayen Remains Unity Party’s USA and Canada Chapter Chairman – Assistant Secretary-General Says


The Unity Party-USA/Canada Chapter wishes its membership and the general public that the publication issued under the signature of Secretary General Saywala Kennedy announcing the suspension of the National Chairman is illegal and unconstitutional.

It was based on a purported meeting called by the First Vice Chairman Erasmus Williams which was attended by a handful of lawless Executive Committee members constituting a small minority and the assumption of the title of Acting Chairman by Williams as fabrication with no basis in the Constitution.

The National Chairman is the presiding Officer of all meetings and did not convene this purported coup d’ etat gathering.

The First Vice Chairman has no authority to assemble a meeting except in the absence of incapacity of the National Chairman.

Additionally, there are no provisions in the Constitution for suspending elected officials.

The public is hereby advised to disregard all fraudulent postings based on attention seeking gangster political actors.

Liberia needs the rule of law as its foundation for delivering the suffering masses out of poverty and despair.

Signed: Helroz Zorleh

Assistant Secretary General
for Press & Publicity