Diaspora-based Lofa Native Expresses Concern Over County’s ‘Backwardness’, Rallies Citizens to Take Charge of Developmental Activities


Monrovia – A concerned citizen of Lofa County, based in Italy said he is disturbed and has raised concern over what he called the deplorable state of his homeland; attributing it to lack of interest in past and current leadership in Liberia.

Ali Kaba told FrontPage Africa via telephone conversation from Europe, that the lack of willingness by the leadership of the country to develop Lofa has left the county in an appalling state, including a deplorable road network and poor economic growth.

This, according to Kaba has continued to subject citizens of the county to unremitting hardship.

“Lofa is good in agriculture and has been referred to as thes bread-basket, but due to the way the county continues to be treated, people in the area are suffering,” Kaba said.

Kaba said if development is not fast-tracked in Lofa soon, he will rally citizens from the county to take on independent initiatives and will havoc the mindset that they can no longer rely on national leadership for those things so desired in the county.

He declared that Lofa, as a county in Liberia is capable of providing basic needs, once the government is clear to citizens that it can no longer address the conditions faced by the county.

“I am currently speaking with key stakeholders Lofa County. If our road to the county is not paved soon and needed infrastructure built, we will take key actions to ensure development is improved in the county,” Kaba announced.

Similarly, he termed as frustrating, to see key stakeholders from the county doing nothing to ensure that development is fast-tracked in the area.

He is also perturbed, that former Vice President Joseph Boakai had done nothing during his service as a top-brass for 12 years, to ensure that development is improved in Lofa.

Boakai is a kinsman of Lofa and won the county with majority votes over current President George Manneh Weah in the 2017 presidential election. Of the 15 counties, Weah won 14 but Lofa voted overwhelmingly for its favorite son.

However, Kaba argued that Boakai cannot be factored as someone who has a future for Lofa and Liberia as a whole. He believes the county can only improve if patriotic citizens take full charge of its development and other essential activities.

At the same time, the Lofa County diaspora-based citizen has raised serious concern over what he called, a “political play” in ongoing legal matters involving Lofa County Senator-elect, Brownie Samukai.

According to him, the people of Lofa will resist any attempt to announce a vacancy, without going through the proper procedures.

Kaba maintains that Samukai, as a son of Lofa must not be denied his position, noting that it will send a negative signal to kinsmen back home.

“We believe that Samukai must not be denied because he was elected by the people of Lofa and he is the one we, as Lofaians want to serve as our Senator,” Kaba added. 

Meanwhile, Kaba is calling on citizens of Lofa County to join hands for the onward development of the county.