Baker Tilly Wins 2016 “Accounting Network Of The Year” Award


London, UK – Baker International has been named the Network of the Year for 2016 by the prestigious industry commentator, the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB).

The award to the firm was made at the IAB’s 2016 awards ceremony held in London, UK late last year (READ MORE).

Speaking on the award, the network’s Global CEO, Ted Verkade, said: “This is a great achievement for us collectively as a network, and a valuable independent endorsement of our successful growth strategy. It is also well deserved recognition for each of you, our member firms: ultimately it is your growth, drive and delivery of exceptional client service that have earned us international recognition” (READ MORE).

The awards were judged by an independent panel. Networks had to demonstrate the execution of profitable growth strategies during the past 12 months and had to have excelled in a number of key strategic and operational areas.

They also had to be recognized by the industry as a reputable brand that consistently delivers high quality professional services.

It was a tightly fought category, with Baker Tilly International beating RSM International into second place. Judges praised the network’s innovation in adopting Global Focus, the network’s new audit methodology, and on being the first network to have achieved the ACCA Approved Employer status award in professional development.

In a note to the partners and professionals of Baker Tilly Liberia on the award, George Fonderson, CPA, CA, CISA, Chairman of Baker Tilly Liberia, commented: “This is a fantastic achievement for our network and for all of us, the people around the world, who actually make this possible. Dedication, professionalism and visible results, although hard to achieve, are well worth the time and effort that we all spend in working to improve ourselves, the firm and the profession”.


Baker Tilly International is a network of high quality, independent accountancy and business services firms, all of whom are committed to providing the best possible service to their clients, in their own marketplaces, and across the world, wherever the client needs help.

It is the 8th largest accountancy and business advisory network in the world, represented by 165 member firms operating out of 745 offices in 141 countries, worldwide.

The mission of Baker Tilly International is to operate a network whose members deliver, with integrity and objectivity, superior independent audit, accounting, tax, financial and advisory services to clients through global resources and relationships.

Baker Tilly International offers the personal characteristics of entrepreneurial local firms combined with the expertise, strength and resources of a truly global network.

The network has global reach and is able to provide advice in all major business communities.

In addition to high quality firms with expert knowledge of local business practices, laws and customs, our network gives clients access to many member firms which are internationally recognized as being leaders in their particular fields of specialization.

All firms within the network adhere to uniform quality standards specified by the network’s Quality Assurance Team, and monitored through a program of regular quality assurance and peer review visits.

Baker Tilly Liberia

Founded in 1992, our firm has committed itself to serving the needs of private and public sector organizations in Liberia for twenty-five years. The vision of the founding partners was to attract, develop and deploy locally-based accounting and management expertise in serving the needs of organizations that continued to operate in Liberia in spite of the civil war. By 1995, our firm had established a reputation for providing quality professional services.

In 1994, when Deloitte & Touche Consulting (West Africa) sought a Liberian firm to partner with, in pursuit of its West African expansion drive, it identified our firm as its preferred partner.

This relationship was consummated in 1995 when we merged our consulting practice into Deloitte & Touche Consulting West Africa, an alliance that would continue until 1999.

Although the civil war would persist for more than 10 years following its establishment, our firm would maintain its presence in the Liberia throughout this challenging period, the only significant professional firm to do so.

During this period, and since, we have continuously worked to demonstrate our commitment to our clients, our people and the development of the profession in Liberia.

In 2012, following an international assessment process, we were admitted as a full, independent member firm of Baker Tilly International and currently operate as Baker Tilly Liberia.

Today, we are a leading firm in Liberia, with an enviable list of national and international clients, and an extensive list of alumni who now support Liberia’s development in both the public and private sectors.