ALJA Commends Govt for Peaceful By-election in District #-15


New Castle, Delaware – The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) is commending the Liberian government for the calm and civility that marked the conduct of the Montserrado County District Number-15 re-run by-election.

ALJA says it cherishes the quietude, political maturity and the professionalism that prevailed during the electoral process in the then quarantined communities in Logan Town. The Association in a press release issued on September 4, 2019, asserts the unhindered voters’ turnout and the maturity displayed by then candidates Abu Kamara of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Telia Urey of the All Liberian Party (ALP), and their respective supporters in the exercise of their political franchise were heart-warming.

The Americas based Liberian journalists thanked the Liberian government and the international community for creating the enabling environment for the smooth conduct of the re-run             by-election. Meanwhile, the Association is commending the Liberia National Police (LNP) and members of the joint security that collaborated and worked over time in ensuring that Logan Town, especially the then affected areas in which the by-election was conducted were calm and safe for the candidates, their supporters and the electorates.

ALJA also, thanked and praised the then representative-hopeful, Telia Urey, of the ALP for graciously conceding defeat despite the profound material losses and pain she and her supporters suffered on August 17, 2019, when a group of thugs reportedly backed by supporters and partisans of the CDC attacked her and her supporters in Logan Town while attending a meeting at the former headquarters of the late District Number-15 Representative, Adolph Lawrence.

Although the Association states Ms. Urey lost the election, she, her supporters and the collaborating political parties put up a good fight in the race. ALJA said despite Telia’s youthful age, she came across as eloquent and politically savvy during the by-election; and she has won the Association’s admiration. ALJA wished her and her supporters well in all of their future political endeavors.

At the same time, the Association is condemning in the strongest terms the recent election of Mr. Abu Kamara of the CDC as representative of District Number-15 in Montserrado County. ALJA says Mr. Kamara’s ascendency to one of the most enviable political positions in Liberia despite his brazen criminal record is an affront to the ruling CDC government’s professed battle against graft in the public sector.

ALJA quoting media reports maintains the newly inducted District Number-15 Representative is a confessed criminal. The Association citing media reports further claimed that the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) in May of this year hooked Representative Kamara for receiving double salaries and benefits while in government during the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration. 

ALJA says at the time the LACC claimed Mr. Kamara confessed to receiving double salaries while serving as Deputy Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) and from his previous job as Deputy Minister of Post and telecommunication. The Association further quoting the LACC investigative report states the Lawmaker reportedly admitted to receiving US eight thousand dollars and two hundred thousand Liberian dollars from the Liberian government; and promised to restitute same.

ALJA insists with such public record, Mr. Kamara lacks the moral rectitude to represent the people of District Number-15 in the honorable House of Representatives. The Association said it is a shame to have seen President Weah and partisans of the CDC, who pride themselves as champions in the fight against malfeasance in the public sector and the rule of law, campaign and celebrate openly Mr. Kamara’s election to the House of Representatives despite his shady past.

ALJA maintains Representative Kamara’s election to the House of Representatives by the people of District Number 15, normalizes criminality in the public sector, sets a bad precedent in Liberia’s political governance, and it further emboldens criminals in the public sector to continue duping the country with impunity.

The Association says the struggle against corruption in the public sector requires the collective support of all citizens of Liberia, but the people of District Number-15, mainly Logan Town, regrettably let the country down awarding the ruling CDC and Mr. Kamara with the position of representative after his public admission to stealing from the public treasury.