Liberia: Over Evening Meal, 34-Year-Old Man Mobbed to Death

The late 34-year-old Prince Beawon

Tappita, Nimba County — Police in Tappita, Lower Nimba County have arrested a 38-year-old man for allegedly beating to death his 34-year-old friend.

By Franklin Doloquee / Nimba County [0775010549/0886696939] 

The incident occurred in Quikanuan Village, a few minutes’ walk away from the Jackson Fiah Doe Hospital in Tappita.

An eyewitness told FrontPageAfrica that a confusion broke out between suspect Prince Tiah, and the deceased, Prince Beawon, over their evening meal. It is reported that Prince Tiah had accused his friend, Beawon, of giving him a small portion of the evening meal.

According to information gathered, Beawon was dividing the food among 16 other men who had formed a ‘koo’ to help one another brush the bushes for their individual farms. Tiah reportedly became angry over how Beawon served him, and that made both men enter into commotion. It broke down into a fist fight and subsequently led to the death of Beawon.

It is reported that when the victim became unconscious during the fight, he was rushed to the Jackson Fiah Doe Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival by a medical doctor.

Suspect Tiah, along with the 16 other members of the koo, is currently undergoing police investigation at the Tappita Police Detail.

In a related development, Police in Sanniquellie have arrested and charged two brothers with murder. The brothers, Clinton Zuweh, 18, and his brother, Preston Zuweh, 23, allegedly stabbed to death a 23-year-old motorcyclist, Jerrico Suah-Gonbah. It is said that the late motorcyclist had gone to their business booth to do a transfer of credit.

The commotion began when the victim had argued that L$30 change was due him rather than L$25 that was given him after purchasing the five-minute call credit.

At the same time, two local journalists working for the Voice of Yarwin Mehnson in District 9 have reportedly escaped death from the hands of Statutory Superintendent David Jacob, who allegedly took a single barrel pistol to kill them.

According to reports, Mr. Jacob is accused of attempting to use his gun to kill the two journalists whom he also accused of allegedly killing his chicken to feed the technicians who had gone to work in order to get the radio station back on air.

Speaking to this newspaper, the Statutory Superintendent for Yarwin-Mehnson, Mr. Jacob said criminal activities continue to be on the increase at the commissioner compound and his materials and chicken have been going missing.

“Two nights ago, unknown men entered the compound and stole my chickens along with 10 eggs. Yesterday afternoon some boys were sent by the President for the Nimba County Community Radio Association, Mr. Kennedy Domah, to steal my materials and chickens.

“If any criminals take anything from this compound, I will protect myself. If I take gun, I will break their legs,” Statutory Superintendent Jacob threatened.

When ask if he has a private gun, he said “no.” He, however, stated that he will use stakes and other things to protect himself.

He accused Domah of been the one who is supporting men to steal his materials and chicken from the compound.

When contacted, Domah denied the allegations of sending men to steal from him. “I am not from this district; I am the president for all of the community radio stations in the county. When I am coming to do a job, I always bring my own food and water. I do not depend on anyone’s food,” he said.

He further told this newspaper that he had seen the single barrel pistol in the hands of the Statutory Superintendent, who, according to him (Domah), was threatening to shoot at the two journalists.

“This is the culture; it happens everywhere in Nimba. When people do such work for you some time you kill goat or chicken for your workers; so it is from this background that the workers of Voice of Yarwin-Mehnson were celebrating and wanted to get chicken. It was during the process that the Statutory Superintendent wanted to kill reporters Konah Biah and Enoch Jonny,” Domah said. The community radio had been off air for over a month.

Meanwhile, the president for the Nimba County Community Radio Association Kennedy Domah has filed a complaint against Mr. David Jacob for being in procession of “illegal arms” and trying to kill the two journalists.