Truce At Last: Sen. Moye Reunites Two Rival Bong Diaspora Groups


United States of America – At long last, Bong County Senator Prince Kermue Moye, Sr. has reunited Bong County citizens residing in the United States of America following months of bitterness.

There has been internal bickering amongst Bong citizens in the Americas over electoral procedures since the convention of the United Bong County Association in America (UBCAA) a few months ago which brought to power Mr. Caimon Joe Kollie.

The situation led to the creation of another faction of the UBCAA (“The National Bong County Association in the Americas”), thus making it impossible for the two groups to agree to work together. 

After months of negotiations, Senator Moye finally brought the two groups together in the spirit of togetherness during his recent visit to the United States of America.

During the reconciliation forum, the two parties agreed to settle the matter and work together for the forward march of the organization and in the spirit of oneness.

According to a dispatch from the US, the parties agreed to the following during the resolution:

1. That the Caimon Joe Kollie leadership is recognized as the legitimate leadership of the UBCAA;

2. That the Delaware Valley chapter be represented on the Board of the UBCAA;

3. That the UBCAA constitution shall be reviewed at the next convention to reflect current realities;

4. That both parties issue a joint statement encouraging ALL supporters to endorse the outcomes of the mediation agreement; and

5. That Senator Moye, Sr. Will liaise with the Bong Legislative Caucus to raise 3,000USD (three thousand United States Dollars) to offset the expenses incurred by the Delaware Valley chapter. 

Meanwhile, Bong County citizens at home and abroad have commended Senator Moye for his effort in reverting the UBCAA to status quo after a few months of power struggle.

Some believed that the move by Senator Moye is not only in the interest of the parties involved but the county as a whole, considering the fact that those involved are also sons and daughters of the county despite their locations.