Salary Jackpot At Tubman University: Officials Receive Double Pay


Harper, Maryland County – While educational institutions in Liberia continue to cry for budgetary increment, issues of huge salaries payments and some university officials receiving double pay for accordingly performing two functions are on the increase at the William V.S. Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County, according to the payroll of the University in the possession of FrontPageAfrica.

The William V.S. Tubman University is the only state run university located outside Monrovia but reports of financial irregularities at the University over the last few years have been common with an Audit conducted by General Auditing Commission of Liberia reporting that the university has expended government monies without justification resulting to irregularities in procurement related fraud and other financial irregularities.

Senior officials of the University including Mr. Jonny C. Woods Jr., Alex Cooper, and Dr. Elizabeth Q. E. Carbajosa who are still presently functioning in key positions were held in the audit report for breach of duties that led to losses in government revenue.

The University was allotted a little over US$ 5 million in the 2015/2016 national budget but according to recent payroll of the University some officials are receiving double salaries as reflected on the payroll.

The University has a policy where employees are paid salaries and allowances in both United States and Liberians dollars-one component in United States dollars and another in Liberian dollars.

The Liberian dollars and United States dollars payroll of the university show more than five employees receiving double salaries and allowances in the two currencies.

In one instance, Johnny C. Woods, Jr. Chief of Staff-Presidential Affairs/Board liaison is receiving double United States dollars allowances summing up to over US$5, 000 excluding his double salaries in Liberian dollars.

On the May 2016 payroll of the University Woods, is receiving US$2,280 and at the same time receiving US$2,900.

Mr. Woods served in the capacity of Chief of Staff & Board Liaison and Interim Vice President for Administration where according to Tubman University sources, he influences major financial decisions when the president is present or away and is a signatory to Tubman University’s nine accounts.

He oversees the Department of Human Resources & Compliances and the Department of Finance & Budget.

Another individual Tarkolo Miller is being paid US$1,680 and US$500, that is excluding his double Liberian dollars pay according to the payroll.

Woods, Miller, Mulbah M. Tokpah, Alex Cooper, Myth Carbajosa and others are also receiving double Liberian dollars salaries.

Alex Cooper is receiving L$107,587.50 and L$86,430.00 as two separate salaries while Johnny C. Woods, Jr. is receiving L$107,587.50 and L$86,430 respectively.

Others also receiving double pay include Allan Bartolome-L$36,765.83 and L$32,898.33. Emmanuel A. Baffoe is also receiving L$25,695.11 and L$41,406.83.

Myth Carbajosa is also receiving double Liberian dollars pay of L$21,295.83 and L$29,804.33 while Mark Wilson is also being paid L$32,898.33 and L$59,015.34

An audit of the University by the GAC for the Fiscal Years 2009/10, 2010/11 & 2011/12 observed that the University transacted and made payments of government monies without supporting documents including vouchers.

The overall financial irregularities according to the audit amounted to over US$ 5 million and L$65 million.

Stated the audit findings “Overall, both financial and administrative activities undertaken by TU’s Management during the period under review were characterized by a number of financial irregularities and control deficiencies. The irregularities noted amounted to US$5,665,532 and L$65,777,475.

The irregularities noted were derived from withdrawals and expenditure without supporting documentation and irregular payment of petty cash, payments made without required number of quotations, payments with purchase orders, payments without delivery notes, payments on contracts without certificates of completion, purchase of generator and payment of relocation allowances without an approved policy by the University Board of Trustee”.  

The Tubman University formerly the Tubman College now has a new President after Dr. Elizabeth Davis – Russell retired on May 31, 2016.

Following a vetting process, newly appointed president, Dr. Edward L. Wonkeryor took over on July 1, 2016